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chapter 08... hyperVue trilogy part 4
Joseph Campbell’s investigations proved to the world, the very first name given to God was Heru, (Hay-roo), the universal root of the title Hero. His cumulative works eventually left me off at the doorstep of the Goddess. His parting words were, “...follow your bliss, and doors will open up to you that weren’t there before.”

hero of a thousand myths

The Sun of God

    The ancients pointed to the sun and said, “There is the Sun of God. The everlasting light of the world, who gives up it’s life, light, energy, so there may be everlasting life, on earth. The Sun of God died on the cross and on the third day, arose again.” In the dead of winter, the ancient astronomers noted the sun’s southern journey ended on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of December. For those three days the sun would appear to rise and set at the same points on the horizon. On the 24th of December they noted the sun rise a degree northward, it was out a minute longer, and set a degree north of the day before. On the 25th of December they verified it rose one more degree north and that day was celebrated as the rebirth of the Sun of God. Born of a Virgin, because the constellation Virgo is behind the Sun while in rebirth.

    The ancient agrarian myth, has been told, and retold for tens of thousands of years, long before Christianity made it’s patriarchal debut. Passed on by the wise one’s of the villages or tribes, usually the eldest woman. Pharaoh is feminine, it means Throne. The wise one named her successor which was usually the wisest female. The problems began when they began to choose within their own blood line. Progress began to slow down untill finally there was none for thousands of years. Still, no wars were fought, no police force for 2000 years, and no army for a thousands of years. Then, a not so wise woman gave birth to a boy. When it came time to name her successor, she asked her council for permission to pass her title on to the boy. After great deliberation it was finally allowed. The first male pharaoh came to power and abruptly went on to war. Today he is recognized as the Pharaoh who united upper and lower Egypt. Signaling the sunset of Matriarchal reign.


    Ahmen Ra, the light ray from the Sun of God became the patriarchal symbol of power. Incidentally, any religion which uses “amen” at the end of any prayer, exposes the origins of their faith. Semitic, Judaic and Christian religions are rooted in the Tamarian civilization. Contrary to popular belief, ancient Egypt never subscribed to slavery. At least not until Julius Caesar took the Pharaoh, Cleopatra. Women were land owners, tax paying, free citizens. Contrasting their peers in Rome or in Grecian societies, who were slaves. Three million Jews lived in peace and were sovereign in the great Tamarian age.

    The story of Moses is based on the Tamarian myth called Meeses. The Babylonian myth is similar. Tamarian myth, had the Pharaoh’s son, Meeses, climb the mountain or pyramid, called "Mount I and I." Moses climbed Mount Sinai. After forty days and nights Meeses came down with the new laws but saw his people weren’t ready for them So he cast them out into the desert for forty years. Until they came unto the land of milk and honey, which was the Nile.

Iesus in Tamara

    In the new testament, the 3 Magi, (the 3 magicians & masters of the horoscope), refused to tell King Herod where Iesus8 could be found. Herod then demanded all children within his kingdom, under two years, be executed. Where did the angel of mercy tell his mother Mary to find safety? Where else but in Egypt. The boy probably studied his father’s trade, and most certainly received an excellent education from the Magicians and Egyptians. Stunning everyone who heard him speak at the age of 12, in the temples of Nazareth. Tamara was the first nation in known history which made education mandatory for all within her borders.

    I tend to believe he furthered his education, working in the great Alexandrian Library. If true, the young man built the shelves which held the ancient scrolls. In return for room and board plus an education in the world’s greatest treasure chest of knowledge. The library of the ages. Within her walls lay original manuscripts from around the world. Art, history, math, philosophy, religion and the combined literary works of the great artists and scientists of ages past. The library held great power and respect for hundreds of years. A present to Alexander the Great from the people of Tamara. They all agreed to dedicated it for the world’s education.

the sting

    Nations from all over the known world would send their treasures to the library to have them copied by the scribes so they may be included as part of the world’s knowledge bank. The Greeks however refused to lend the library’s curators their classic plays. original manuscripts. Among them were the hundred plus great Greek Plays, the Comedies, and Tragedies. The curators implored the Greeks to make copies of the works. "We have the finest scribes in the world eagerly waiting for the task." They said. Finally, after decades of mediation, they reached an accord.

Four Egyptian ships left harbor, three were filled with the negotiated ransom in gold. They were to remain in the Grecian harbor until the originals were returned. The fourth ship then carried the original manuscripts back to the Alexandria. Years later, the fourth ship finally returned. She carried only copies and a note. ”Thank you for the originals”...They wrote...“Here are your copies. Oh, by the way, you may keep the ships, and all the gold therein. We consider the originals priceless!”

saints & criminals

    Only seven plays survived the destruction of the Alexandrian library at the hands of Christians. In 624bce, Cyril, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Alexandria, Egypt, ordered his parishioners to burn the library, because it stood for evil. But first, they had to eliminate the curator, Hypatia. She was no ordinary female citizen. She held seven PHDs in mathematics, philosophy, medicine, the physical sciences, and more. She had intimate relationships with rulers of cities, states, and countries. Two decades previously, she had single handily thwarted Cyril’s first attempts on the library. She was awakened and told of the angry Christian mob’s plans. Naked, she jumped out of bed, ran caught up with the angry mob and stood between them and the precious temple. She gave them a most impassioned speech, which somehow calmed them down and made them see the ramifications of their actions of error to our future descendents. Amazingly, before the oration was over, they not only gave up their destructive end, but cheered Hypatia for saving them from committing such a great crime against the world and their unborn. Her courage was legendary.

the martyr and her books

    Cyril must have suffered a tremendous blow to his ego & power, for it took him another 20 years before he could strike again. He did learn from his errors though. The key to success this time was to keep Hypatia from speaking. That fateful morning, on her way to work, Cyril’s religious thugs pulled Hypatia from her chariot, gagged and dragged her into one of their churches. They repeatedly beat and gang raped her, for hours until they were spent. Then they set to skin her alive, flaying her skin with sharp abalone shells, through out the night. Incredibly, Hypatia, a woman of 70 years, actually lived into the next sunrise before she breathed her last. The Christians then burned her body, went to her home, and burned all of her works. Then invaded the great Temple of Pr Ntr Kmt of Alexandria and had their way with the sacred repository. Irretrievably burned more knowledge than the mind can even begin to comprehend.

patron saint of the dark ages

    Archbishop Cyril was beatified and made a saint for his instrumental role in cutting our ties with the great ancestral minds of the past and marks the beginning of a thousand year plague we now call the “dark ages.” Where progress and ingenuity was condemned as evil, and history was lost. It was a crime to take a bath, under pain of death. As was to read the bible. Women were routinely tortured and burned for witchery. Their possessions were taken by the church and shared a percentage with the accuser. The three plagues the Europeans suffered through, were each caused by once again the churches of the Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox religions. Cats were outlawed for representing the devil. They slaughtered all the cats, and anyone who even looked as if they were protecting them. No surprise when the rodent population exploded, raining diseases upon them.

    The stewardship of those first thousand years shows a disgraceful lack of anything except pure greed for power, using the tools of fear and ignorance. The next thousand years brought ever larger wars, more killing and pestilence, all in the name of their "jealous" god.

    That legacy still continues to be the excuse for taking lives, and destroying cultures, right up to the present day. We are fighting the same wars begun by those unsound generations long since gone. If only our world community were to pool our collective knowlege and spend our resources on programs that will benefit and further all generations. I know our decendents will be free to traverce the stars and galaxies, and be back by dinner to tell their tall tales of adventure and discovery. Our alloted time on this great Goddess is sacred. We must learn to treat the good farmers and teachers of our collective societies as the true heros of the ages. For they sustain us through our hunger and thirst for growth, both physically and spiritually. They illuminate the event horizons of the past, while giving us hope for the future through the stories, myths, and legends of our good ancestors.

    8 Iesus; L... Latin, given to the legendary #Nazarene. The letter “J” is a political device added to the alphabet only 400 years ago. Remember the Steven Speilberg film Indiana Jones and the last crusade? In the final chapter Dr Jones Jr had to "Stand on the name of God". He thought "Jahova" and moved to stand on the letter "J" and almost fell into "hell". He stood up and realized "of couse, in latin it was the letter I"!

    It’s the legacy of an old power grab when King Iames of Great Britain, usurped power from Rome by taking advantage of the Protestant rebellion which uses the "Syrian" texts. A "reader's digest", if you will, of the Roman Catholic bible, based on the "Alexandrian" texts (now refered to as the Jeruselem texts). The Protestant Bible was titled the King James version. Before those political events, the name was Iesus. In Greek it was spelled I-E-Zeus (the son of God). Even today it means a "Great Man".

    All the bibles share one thing in common though, they were written and/or printed on hemp.
    #If Iesus was born in Bethlehem, why is he called the Nazarene? The place of birth was to be carried through life. Unless the state of Rome approved, no one could arbitrarily change his or her name and/or title under penalty of death. Historically speaking, there were actually three men who came forth in the first century zero, claiming to be the "Master". Two of which led armed rebellions against Rome. The state of Israel endured an exacting price in both taxation and lives.

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