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chapter 07 ...hyperVue trilogy part 4

The Goddess Sun, her children, all Goddesses each, including earth and moon, are in a celebratory ballet dance, and chorus. As light interacts with her furtile womb, life is born and grows within her protected atmospheres.

M Song Calendar: first & only calendar that reveals & celebrates your living song

time squared

    The oldest known calendar was carved onto a whale’s bone about 106,000 years ago. It was divided into a 13 month year. With each month consisting of twenty eight days, divided by 4 weeks, with 7 days per week. So each month is the same as the last. At the end of that year, you have experienced 364 days. Now add one extra day to complete the year and 2 extra days every 4th year, (our traditional leap year).

    M song...the calendar
A thirteen month year is surprisingly uncomplicated and easy to follow. Each month is the same from first to last. I was up late one lonely night, studying this oddly familiar calendar when it clicked... I was looking at a woman’s 28 day cycle. Her year divided into 13 cycles. I submit the person who immortalized that bone was a woman. A man had to worship the ground she walked on to gain the familarity of her most intimate rhythms. And have the presence of mind to understand it’s significance. Her cycle, her calendar brought us agriculture. Her relationship with our great mother Goddess earth makes her the best farmer. The man’s job was to protect her land. We males are well adapted in that arena. We watched her bounty grow and ripen as she would celebrate her days of moon, as a fertility dance in the fields. Marking her flow, day by day, from light to heavy to light again, from season to season. She is not only our connection to mother earth, our year is granted to us, through her. She is the extension, the reflection, of our mother’s tides. Her ebbs and flows. The extra day is in honor of her for giving us the year. In leap year, every four years, we give her 2 extra days, instead of one.

twelve is patriarcal

    From the 12 helpers of Amen Ra, the Sun Ray, the 12 Tribes of Israel, to the 12 Apostles. It’s really 13 including Jesus, Abraham, and Ra respectively. The Tamarians never worshipped the sun. No more than Christians do today, rather the Tamarians saw the sun as a metaphor for life, death, rebirth and resurrection. The Sun of God, Ra, worship and calendar was established about 5000 years ago. 4500 years ago war was waged against the Goddess, Bast. If you uttered her name, you, your family, and all your cousins were killed. Bast is the root word for “bastard.” Bast’s star... Bast’s child. The Goddess bears child and the name. For thousands of years women are subliminally told to ignore their rythms and instead celebrate 12 cycles. Now it seems to me this only serves to keep every woman, regular or not, off balance mentally and spiritually. Make her feel as though she were somehow off center, and never quite comprehending why. Wouldn’t it serve the world to allow for her special power? Her cycle is directly responsible for agriculture and therefore civilization.

time is your dance partner

    Oh there’s more... let’s take a closer look at your calendar. Start your first day on Sunday, then every second Friday becomes Friday the 13th... for 13 months. Which is why it’s unlucky for the patriarchal. That day reminds you of your rhythmic connection to your ancestors and the root of your power. Fearing the day you collectively remember and regain your past glory. It’s easy. Here’s how.... Mark your days of moon on the four week goddess M song calendar and keep track of flow, from light to heavy to light again. Place each month, chronologically, from left to right, as a score of months. My father was a musician, I grew up around sheet music. For me those four weeks are F - A - C - E, on the musical scale. Each month is a measure, each day a musical note: Half note, full note, quarter note, 3/4, depending on your interpretation of flow for that day. So at the end of a year, by following your daily notes, you can literally play or sing your song or rythem. After 4 years you have a chorus. At the end of ten years, you’ve begun a symphony. And the days absent of notes means your giving your song to life. The poetry alone is exciting.

    monumental temporal markers

    The Sphinx is a thirteen month calendar built long before our war with the Goddess began. Celebrating her year from the mask of Virgo the virgin, to Leo the lion. After the great floods, the lush land of Tamara, slowly became a desert. The Sphinx must have been built before that event, but when? The answer lies just down the block. The Three Pyramids of Giza were mathematically positioned so at a certain time of year, from a certain position, the three stars in Orion's belt would actually rise over each of the pyramids. It doesn’t occur any more. The stars have moved in the intervening millenniums, and the African continental plates have also moved, the "true" pyramids by three degrees. These events occurred about twelve thousand years ago. I personally believe the builders were aware of the stars movements and planned the pyramids as temporal markers for future generations. By that reckoning we are actually entering a golden Thirteenth Millennium. The Goddess’s own millennium.

of love and money

    Near the end of the 20th century we transitioned out of the Piscean age. The fish is the logo of christian rule for 2,000 years. Now we are in the age of Aquarius, the water bearer. As a child of the fifties in the city, I remember no one with water bottles except in dispensers and they were found in very few places. Today it is the rule. As I write, the ocean tables are rising at an alarming rate from to melt off in the arctic circles due to global warming. Water is in our future.

    On the back of the dollar bill you will find the all seeing eye of Horus above the pyramid. The only eye that is all seeing is the sun, Aset. She is the mother of Bast, and the law giver of all business. Her statues were always fashioned in the finest gold. She also holds the Ank in one hand. Now you know why the “B ank” honors, above all else, your assets. The ancient Tamaran Sun Goddess Aset’s language is intricatly woven in ours.

tale of the roses

    Where does the tradition of a man giving a woman roses stem from? For tens of thousands of years we guys would come to know you girls and in time we learned of your cycle. Each day of your moon you lose a lot of iron and vitamin C. They must be replaced that day, or there will be hell to pay. Our job was to ferret out roses. The first cultivated by homo sapiens at least 40,000 years. We would set some aside for the winter months. And each day of your moon we would gingerly approach with a bouquet of roses. You would choose one and separate the pedals from the center revealing the rose hip. They are very sweet. Rose hips have the highest Iron and vitamin C content than any other plant on earth. Be sure to have rose hip tea available at all times. The church a thousand years ago accused us of practicing witchcraft. Which of course is how it all got started. Searching herbal cures for specific ailments. Even under the threat of torture and death, we still kept up the tradition. Though we forgot her true meaning. Warning: Organic roses only. Do not consume commercially produced roses.


    When the thirteen colonies broke ties with England, we decided to adopt American measurements instead; inches not meters, miles not kilometers, gallons not liters. As an agrarian society, adopting a thirteen month calendar was favored over England’s twelve month regimen. I can now appreciate the true significance and medaphor for the thirteen stars and stripes. Independence of the land and of thought. Right down to the measurement of time. But, I guess we were still too patriarchal a society to fully honor the true spirit of ‘76... 7 plus 6 equals 13. She will prevail once again and very soon.

two for the guys

    All right guys, here’s the big two. First: Women have a more developed, and sensitive tongue compared to a man. On an evolutionary scale women have been using the tongue for communication far longer than we. They were in full conversations, according to some anthropologists for at least 5,000 to 80,000 years, before men could utter a word. Males could only grunt, cry, yelp, howl, scream or hoot. My mother bore five boys in a row, then two girls. A boy, a girl, a boy and finally a girl. I was amazed how quickly my sisters learned to form sentences, (around 18 months), compared to my brothers who took nearly 30 months to reached the same level.

    Second; all of us are conceived as female. On the fourth day we males decided to lose a leg from the double XX chromosome, making us XY. Which answers the ancient myth of why we males have one less rib. It is a mark of nature’s abnormal or deviant.

two for the girls

    Girls; you were born with all your eggs already formed within your ovaries. What ever affected your grand mother had a direct effect on you through your mother. As she lay within her womb, you lay protected within her ovaries. For a short period of time three generations are one. So you are your age plus 9 months, plus your mother’s age at your birth, plus her nine months within your grand mother. We all have a very spiritual and physical connection to our grand mothers. My parents were orphans, so I never knew grand parents, but I know my matriarchal & patriarchal grandmothers touch me still in very intimate ways.

    The Roman Ceasars, Julius and Augustus, raped the 12 month calendar and then ordered us to celebrate July and August. After June, Juno, (six), we should celebrate September as the seventh. Then October, (eight). November (nine), and December (ten), followed by two more months. But the ego of both Ceasars required reverence, so they gladly threw the succession of months out of order. So, fast forward to Pope Gregory and they couldn’t help but notice, the flawed calendar was plainly out of sync with the seasons. The people and farmers had already gone back to her calendar and were rediscovering her song. Fearing the loss of patriarchal rule over time, the Pope resurrected it by ordering it’s tune up. The world still bows to ancient Rome today. The very word “Calendar” comes to us as a vessage of Roman law which demanded the Calens pay the7Der (dollars) on the first of every month.

    The lesson is to ignore the patriarchal cycle because it’s all wrong. You can’t even grow flowers with it. Instead, follow your own song. When you aren't signing the song, you are giving that song to life. I can only imagine what your collective symphony must sound like. An incredibly beautiful, delicate and intricate choruses, verses, and rythms. Your compositions have been silent for over 4000 years, and now the time for silence is over. Let your songs be heard again. When you add that extra day at the end of the year and the two days for leap year, do it in honor of the Goddess for that is who you are. Even the scribes of old always closed each sentence by dipping their pens in the red ink well and allowing it to drop on the page. Even the simplest of sentences, to this day, honors your cycle with a drop we call a period.

7 Der the Tax or bill

M Song Calendar: Rhythm & Music in 13 Moons
First & Only Calendar to Discover & Celebrate your Unique Rhythm & Music
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