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chapter 02: Energy (all time is now)
“Gravity creates the spheres, the stars, and planets, made easier by Dark Energy which is creating the space between... all at the speed of light. Setting the stage for her next most magical of steps.”
The Pol

    Sixteen years of "Walking the Boards" and memorizing lines taught me to understand the meaning and origin of the words I was to speak on stage. Mandatory when performing any period play especially Shakespeare. Entomology, the origin of words, is probably the single most important of studies because it connects us to our ancestors in a very personal and subliminal of ways.

    The subject is ignored in grade school, right when we really need to learn our language. And there’s the rub, that knowledge is associated with so much of historic hypocracy that children would quickly loose respect for the very institutions civilization relys on. Rather the truth is left to "Higher Learning". It is left to those who happen to stumble on the information while researching. The best example I can offer is “The Pol.”

Mayday, Mayday

    After the Dark Ages, the first thousand years of Christian rule, the feudal system was firmly entrenched in Europe. By Shakespeare’s day, and throughout the middle ages, everyone referred to their landlord as the "Pol". It means the "Head or Landlord". Life was futile, under the Pol, who answered only to the king, as long as he owned enough money and property.

    The Pol always stuck it to you. All the surfs, slaves and servants alike, were executed by the landlord on poles. Death came quickly for the lucky, the heart was pierced through the back or chest. The body was then propped up on his property line.

    The unlucky ones were pierced anus first with the tip of a finely sharpened and ever widening pole. They were propped up on the pole and over the coarse of three days gravity pulled on the body as the point slowly worked its way up through the abdominal region and into the chest cavity. Until the heart was finally pierced, ending their horrifing agony on the pole.

    May 1, Mayday, the Russia New Year, was the only day in the year the European Pol wasn’t allowed to kill his slaves. The people partied around the May Day Pole, carved from a maple tree, supposedly to honor the Pol, but in reality, they mocked him by peeing on the pole.

the impailer

    Vlad Draco’s son, Vlad Dracola "The Impaler" was the worst of the lot. He poled people in his own castle and it was said he mixed the blood with the food. Every generation since, in story and in film, is told of the legend of Dracula, "the blood sucking landlord." The Pope was one of Dracula’s most ardent supporters because most of his victims were Muslims. So the cross and holy water were never his enemy.

    While imprisonded it was written he empailed rodents and drained the blood. Over the objections of the Pope, the Muslims finally beheaded him. The only way to finally end Dracula’s reign of terror is to behead the beast.

    Poland literally means the Pol’s land, or land of the Pols, or simply Poles. Our culture picked up the shaft, the one finger salute, from them. Some Europeans express it with a slap on a raised forearm, others brush their chin with their fingers. Even our north American gestures, the O.K. and thumbs up, are still practiced as a derogatory sign in many European and Asian communities even today. But it all means "...may you be shafted by the Pol."

pol’s tricks and lice

    "The Pol hired a Pol’s magician, a Politician, to play the Pol’s tricks in the King’s court...so as to gain favor for the Pol’s... Policy.The Pol’s I See." Our ancestors observed the oppression in their live’s and refered to it as the "Pol’s tics and the Pol’s lice" that kept them oppressed. Today it’s Politics and Police. Poliz, Policia... through out the world, it’s the same root.

    Police and Policy are really the same word, the Pol’s I see! Or the Pol’s Ice. He demanded his "Just Us or Just Ice against those in servitude. He’s in the cooler or on ice". Pol Pot, leader of the infamous Khmer Rouge of Cambodia fulfilled his title as the "Pol" by the massacre of hundreds of thousands if not millions during his reign. His last name was Pot". The Polit-beau, InterPol any word that has pol most likely has it’s origins in feudalism. When the Pol is looting, he is "polluting".

proof of truth

    Proof of truth... When our nation was founded and consisted of thirteen states, only white male landowners were allowed to vote on tuesdays, while the lessers couldn’t because they were working. If you lost your land, you lost your right to vote. Unless, of course, you had lots of money, then you could buy your vote. Question: Where did all those land owners go to vote? Clue: We still go there today. Answer: the Pol’s Booth!

    The politicians are practicing their job description: to protect the Pol at all costs. We don’t teach grade schoolers Entomology for everyone would quickly loose respect and rebell from those institutions that practiced outrageous historical violence against our ancestors. By insensitive government and land owners all of which was and still is blessed by western religion.


    Oxford University was the first post dark ages institution of learning in Europe established on the river Thames. Back then, when you said a stud... you meant an ox, they were synonymous. To "Ford a River or Stream" is to "Cross it". Literally means "Stud Crossing".

    When a young man’s journey started at the opposite bank of the University (A One Verse City... their verse) he was dubbed an "Entry Level Stud" or "Ent Stud" for short. As he forded the river to knowlege", his title was switched to "Stud Ent" which became a "Student".

    Words are probably the most important thing we can learn. They touch us everyday and have a profound effect on the human psyche. To learn the power of words is to protect yourself and our children from perverse subliminal psychological damage. Specifically from advertising aimed at children, a problem European nations have already address long ago, by outlawing the practice.


    Many are used tactics are used to keep the people in line. Economic is key but there are so many more, shall we say, "disctractions". As in entertainment media, corporate sports and corporate shopping. Any thing to keep you busy, like a hamster in a wheel, paying bills and chasing after material goods flashed into your subconscious. So you don’t have the time to think or wonder about the truth. The truth becomes more and more ominous and forboding with time. So after a couple of decades of hiding from the truth it becomes a wall. You won’t see the truth because subconsciously you know the answer isn’t what you want to hear.

    Now take it a step further. Any word with pol in it is now suspect. Metropolis is based on the Greek word Polis, the City. At the center of the Polis stood the pole, where the city’s policies, parties, celebrations, pillaging and executions took place. All towns and villages had a poles in the center of their communities.

    The top of society referred to themselves as "Polite Society", which meant you were to tiptoe "lightly around the Pol". The lower classes were the Pol’s Pee Ons, and his "Pee Pole". The letters O and P are switched to mask it#146;s origins. Nepolian is "Le Pollione or The Pollian". And his last name was pronounced Bone Apart. His name alone struck utter fear in his enemies.

91% tax base

    The Roman empire learned they could successfully tax any given state up to 90%. At 91%, the society would crumble. Americans pay an average of 36% in federal taxes alone. The IRS is a merely a collection agency for the "for profit" corporation called the Federal Reserve.

    It is not a government agency, as the title suggests. But is really a corporation with a board of directors who somehow got in the position of ordering the printing U.S. currency. Then turning around and loaning it back to the U.S. government.

    When Nixon took us off the gold standard and put the dollar on the oil standard, he sold our nation out to the fossil fuel corporations. Today U.S. currency is backed by nothing but an idea. It’s worth what the big oil interests say it’s worth. Which means anyone in the world who trades in oil must buy and sell with the U.S. dollar.

    Iran, (the country formerly known as Persia was renamed by Nazi Germany means Aryan), doesn’t trust the dollar so they will only trade with the Euro. That’s what makes them the enemy of our government. If other nations did the same it would destablize our economy. But we deserve that fate for basing our economy on oil instead of precious metals, as in Gold. England’s Pound is still based on sterling silver.

    Originally our country’s economy was backed by agriculture, hence the "Greenbacks"... "backed by the green". Then came gold and silver. Now all that is replaced by oil. Now how stupid is that? Unless of course you plan to steal a lot of money and resources then it makes a lot of sense to the thieves.

firmly in control

    Remember the golden rule in chapter one? "A communistic state takes over business. When business takes over government that’s facism." When a politician tells you they will run their office like a CEO, you had better run as fast as you can away from that individual because he offering you facism. The corporate structure is not a democracy. It is totalitarian. Orders are given from the top - down, with practically no feedback allowed from below.

tricks or trust

    This is the essence of their psychological trick. It keeps both management (meant-to-age-man) and employee alike are keept out of the decision loop. They feel inferior and it re-enforces the idea that they have no control and could loose their respective jobs in any given moment. The employee, however is the true power without which there would be no product nor service. The employees are the mind, body and soul of all business.

    A company is only as good as the product they sell and the employee who made it or last served and satisfied the customer. So the CEO and the B of D (Board of Directors) play the game of power to keep their unconscionable profits flowing. Those in servitued must realize their own collective power and must demand their fair share of the profits and the direction the company will take for the good of the communities they serve.

    Most of us are brought up from childhood to trust our parents, business, religion and government. Teens generally start questioning their parents when they begin to see the fallacy behind the myths they were brought up to believe in. They find those institutions have actually betrayed their trust.

    Then, they see the difficulty in correcting the existing problems. Not including future problems caused by our present course. Which diminishes their future choices. Frustration builds to a critical level and they simply rebel because they see hopelessness.

    Those who blindly follow and don’t ask the serious questions at the very least betray their own for the sake Exxon’s exorbitant profits. We must never stop questioning all authority. An honest question keeps everyone honest. To question your government is to be the patriot and protector of our freedoms, rights and civilization.

deficits of the father and of the son

    All money collected by THE IRS (THEIRS) is turned over to The Federal Reserve the for profit corporation, which is then divided up by the board members and CEO. The same group we paid the Reagan/Bush then Bush/Quale $7 trillion debt to under the Clinton administration.

    And now the Bush/Cheney administration has borrowed $6 billion dollars every day creating huge deficits that now dwarf his father’s deficits exponentially. Accumulated within seven years, it is the largest debt in human history. And who do "We the People" owe that vast amount to? Your friendly neighborhood Federal Reserve.

road taxation

    Our government actually runs on other revenue sources such as road taxes. Half of what you currently pay at the gas pump is a tax that goes to city and state, but the lion’s share of course goes to the feds.

    Now the U.S. government will not act as a proponent for the people, when the price of fuel rises. Federal profits increase with the increased price of fuel. Government is in full parntership (in bed if you will) with Oil Inc. Bush’s family fortune is in oil.

    Our government is owned by and for the big energy corporations, of which Bush/Dick represent and are heavily invested in. For instance Dick Cheney earns an extra million dollars a year from his pension fund as the former CEO of Haliburton. Isn’t that illegal?

    An illegal invasion and occupation of an oil rich country. Through bad management ingnites a civil war and then profits off the deaths of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Iraq alone?

    Remember the election of 2000, Al Gore actually won. But the Rehnquist Supreme Court stopped the count of the vote in Florida after the state Supreme Court ordered a multi county reccount. That act was un-American and unconstitutional. It was a Coup d’etat by the military industrial complex and energy corporations (Oil). Which eventually made sweetheart deals that gave them criminal subsidies and no competitive bid contracts as they rushed to war.

the tax base

    Now, what about those hidden taxes, such as shipping and it’s multiple taxations. How much are you really taxed? Inflation is the great unspoken tax which is easily created by increasing the price of fuel and printing money that’s not back up by anything. But let’s let’s just focus on shipping taxes. Once parts are fabricated they are shipped to manufacturers, then onto packaging houses, then distributors, to the retailer and finally to the consumer.

    The consumer absorbs the cost of all shipping and road taxes incurred along the journey that got the product into their hands. Then you pay a tax to the city and state as well. At this point we’re approaching a 76% tax rate. Our forefathers fought a revolution base unchecked taxation. They simply refused to pay England’s unrepresented corrupt tax base.

corporatism, corruption and war

    As I write, the U.S. government is a broken machine that works almost exclusively for "the haves and the have more". Compared to European standards, we Americans are paying far more into the system and getting far less in return.

    Thomas Jefferson wrote "...America should have a revolution every twenty years." We must be ever vigilant in protecting our rights and ferreting out corruption on every level. Corruption has been the downfall of every great society, from Egypt, Greece, Roman, right up to the former Soviet Union. And we, the U.S., aren’t far behind. Our country can only remain strong if we hold our politicians accountable. And by divorcing money out of the political / electorial system. Like we separate church and state.

    Today a U.S. Senator must earn at least $10,000. a week in order to fund their re-election. If they don’t get it from the people then they’ll get it from the the corporations through their friendly neighborhood lobbyist. And of course they are beholding to those same corporations when it comes time to vote on bills. And you can bet your bottom dollar they will roll over in favor of corporate interests 98% of the time. I view the tragedies of Korea, Vietnam and Iraq as a symptom of that same corruption, reaching even into our news media.

the air compression car

    The Air Car Home page    Case in point: the American news media refuses to report on one of the most important story of our day... besides Hemp. The air compressed car called the MIDI. It runs on air. Breathable air in, and breathable air out. No combustable fuels and no pollution. See the Video. Air Car Google Search I first read about it in a 1996 alternative periodical.

    The air tank is made up of fiberous materials so if the vehicle is involved in an accident, there are no fires or explosions. The worst you will experience would be a big woosh of escaping air. The van carries 5 adults, with baggage, huh, physical baggage that is. When in motion, the wheels act as compressors. But in the long run it’s a net loss. The vehicle must be recompressed every 200 miles or so, which takes about 3 minutes at an air station.

    Find an electrical outlet and it recompresses in 4 hours. Solar panels will take 8 hours. When you come out from work, you are greeted with a fully compressed ride. Add a gas tank and the hybrid will take you from L.A. To New York on only one tank.

    They’re used as taxi cabs in Rome, Paris and Mexico city to help keep pollution down. They are tried and true since 1998. Korean auto manufacturers are now gearing up to produce their own version. So why aren’t we doing the same? Why are car manufacturers ignoring this form of transportation?

    Believe it or not, the Air Car is illegal in the United States. Reasoning: your not paying the road taxes. What about electric cars? We were able to reason a way to allow them. But what about all those used toxic batteries? You can’t just throw them away. The exclusion of this enviromentally sound technology is an inexuseable act to maintain a lucrative income stream we consumers pay at the pump. We continue to combust fossil fuels that pump over 380 million tons of greenhouse gases a day from auto emissions in the U.S. alone. China has just caught up with us.

    Compounding the problem is the news media. You aren’t getting this story from any of the news media because they are sponsored by oil, auto, insurance, international food conglomerents and pharmacuetical corporations.


    "The Air Car is illegal"... says the media... "We cannot and will not promote the breaking of U.S. law." Even when it means the destruction of everything we hold dear. I see them as lemmings, known for following the leader to needless mass migratory drownings. The leader falls into the water, is drowned and many will blindly follow suit. They are loyalists to the King George of our day. Not traders but traitors to their own grand children for mere profit.

    You will rarely find "Mom and Pop", small businesses, advertising even on local news because of the expense. That policy doesn’t promote free speech, it squelches it. By simply out shouting small business and the citizenry at large. A tactic the Nazis (Not See. "To See Nothing", to ignore) effectively used against free speech. Why aren’t there any on air programs that allow individual citizens a forum to discuss new ideas for the market place or political discussions. They could be sponsored by small business.

subliminal trap

    The oldest sales technique in the proverbial book requires the salesperson to subliminally lower the customer’s self-esteem by tricking them into believing their life is empty. And then offer them the salvation which comes in the act of buying and owning the product. The consumer is lead to believe life will be far better. Living without the product will somehow condemn you to a lifetime of incompleteness.

    A subliminal trap... salvation is bought and sold, wholesale and retail. Imagine what happens to you on subliminal levels everyday when you encounter advertising, both static and motion. How advertising effects our children and teens, let alone adults.

    The corporate model of "Self-Esteem" based on the accumulation of things is unsustainable and cannot work. You are condemned to a lifetime of shopping like a hamster in a wheel looking for salvation with the next purchase (a purse chase). Self-esteem must come from within. Your talents, education, goals, accomplishments and most importantly, loved ones... "la familia". Those you are familiar with as they with you.

    Loved ones are our salvation. Our nation was made strong by real family ideals. Not to be confused with so called Family Value politicians. They refer to the familiy values of the crime families. I’m including the 2000 family names that are found on virtually all the boards of the Fortune 500 coroporations. The companies on Wall Street. It’s a matter of public record. You can see for yourself who are collecting dividends off the corporate tit. The same names are found in one corporation after another.

    Good family ideals are the foundation of civilization and criminal family values are a clear sign of the end. Let’s stray from the path of the intended, inevitable chaos and move into the light.

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