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A michaelm subliminal self portrait trylogy, in pencil: find the ImageStory®
  Trilogy 03  Gravity: the 3rd Dimension conceived & hand drawn by michaelm artist / philosopher  

Time begat energy. Energy begat gravity. Which is once again 90° out of phase with both time and energy. Mirroring time and her three dimensions completed the two sides of a new triangle. Although gravity is expressed through the third dimension it comes to us in a much higher dimension.

The eleventh. There, it has the strength to tear the nuclear forces apart. Becoming weaker as it is filtered through each lower dimension. Although conciderably weekened by the journey to the third dimension, gravity is strong enough to create mass of all sizes. It can only do so because dark energy is hard at work creating the space between.

which way

This self-portrait of the William Shakespeare which exists within me, celebrates the "Gravity of the Moment". All titles of William Shakespeare's poems, his sonnets, and plays are written on his face. Based on a line from Hamlet. Act 4, scene 4, lines 32 - 66. "Now, whether it be bestial oblivion. Or some craven scruple of thinking too precisely on the event?" Do we go the way of base sensuality and stupidity or into the realm of intensive but sensitive reasoning?

from the beginning

One day a Mars size planet, called Orpheus, collided with a newly formed world we now call Earth Mach 1. The collision ejected material into space. Material that sprayed to the altitude of 14,000 miles and beyond formed the moon, and so began Earth Mach 2. His chin represents the now cooler earth a billions years later.

Algea went to work creating oxygen but in a billion years iron absorbed it all. The earth reveals her continents and asteroid delivered oceans from the Jupiter zone. The continents are barren and sterile still but the oceans and seas are simply brimming with algea now actively creating an oxygenated atmosphere. Preparing the way for a new stage of life to be built on DNA.

The goatee represents life begining as DNA spiral ladders that multiply and grow exponentially into what we now call seaweed. His lower lip is a wave about to crash on the shore spreading algea and eventually vegetation in the form of seaweed onto that sterile shoreline. His upper lip is an inland mountainous landscape.

Once the eye was fashioned it called for a new form of life evolving from fish to amphibian and into air breathing mammals. The cleft is an upside down question mark that surrounds a cartoon brontosaurus's face.

Question: after hundreds of millions of years of evolution, what suddenly broke the lineage? The dark area above represents the 65 million year old cataclysmic event that signaled the end to the paleo epoc and the begining reign of primates.

goddess ancestor

A cometary theory suggests a six mile long meteor struck Earth 12 miles north of the Yucatan peninsula creating the gulf of Mexico and the North American delta. Then sent debris that eventually rained fire which left so much particulate matter into the atmosphere it drove the planet into a winter which saw no sun for at least four maybe five years or longer.

Out of that darkness came the small primates. 62 million years later. Look on the ball of the nose, you will find a skull.

An Ethiopian archaeological dig dated our lineage to about 3.2 million years. She was named Lucy after a song that happened to be playing at the time they were exposing her ancient bones... "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."

the brow

Above each brow are masks. A comedy and a tragedy. Your right, his left, is comedy and his right brow is tragedy. Just under the lower eyelids, the laugh lines, are actually two Shakespeare quotes, both of which are drawn from Hamlet.
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the third dimension... gravity

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a trilogy part 03 William Shakespeare: gravity = dimension 3
© 2007 graphite on a 18˜ x 24" on poster board & digital photography

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Hypervue William Shakespeare
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images & double honors

    Commissioned In 1978 by Thadius Taylor, the president of the Royal Shakespeare Society of America West, for the year of Shakespeare celebration. The international icon was Picasso's rendering. I finished my version within two and a half weeks.

    Later, I had the distinct honor and pleasure of playing a character called the Gaoler, in America's first professional production of "The Two Noble Kinsmen." A play proven to have been penned by the Bard and not his contemporary John Fletcher. It was produced at the Globe Playhouse, on Kings Rd, in West Hollywood, CA, where even today his plays are celebrated.

    One day this mid century the play will become the thirty eighth play to be included in his complete folio. I'm honored to be listed as the first original American professional cast member. The play opened to rave reviews and played to full houses through out the extended run.

Now... the 4 Dimensional... 3-D Stereo / Subliminal William Shakespeare
4DX HyperVue
© TemporalSpace 3D Art w/ Subliminal ImageStorys®
an original self portrait in pencil by michaelm artist / philosopher

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a trilogy, part 03, William Shakespeare: Gravity
© 1984 graphite on a 30˜ x 40" on poster board & digital photography

conceived and hand drawn by michaelm©’07

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Click & Read - Thoughts of William Shakespeare
Hypervue William Shakespeare
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Dimension 2 Thoughts Dimension 4
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stage left

Remember you are the mirror of his view point. Your left is his right. Stage left means the audience's left or perspective. So stage left represents Tragedy: The laugh line reads, "The time is out of joint." And stage right is Comedy: that laugh line reads, "Nay, let's go together."

tear of joy

The tear on the Comedy side of his face... a tear of Joy. One of our greatest and tenderest of emotions. Very soon we will unmask, Comedy and Tragedy, then we will come to discover what he sees that brings him such joy.

    His nose is human evolution from fish to Lucy. One of the most important developments which signaled our independence for higher comprehension as a species was the "Opposable Thumb". At the bridge you will see the true crown of " Lady Liberty". Evolution's crowning achievement which began in the oceans: the hand. The Now, from our collective perspective, is predicated on the complicated simplicity and dexterity of our palms, wrists and ten digits.

    Below, are the cossroads, where we all stand, in the Now. The three dimensions, Gravity, Time and Energy, the hourglass, intersect with infinity. Both of which are seen intersecting at the bridge of his nose. The universe is broken symmetry at 90 and on either side of infinity or perfect symmetry. Infinity exists elsewhere, always and ever.

ninty degrees

    Time is an hourglass. His hairline surrounds the top of the sand filled glass dome, the future. The present siphons at the bridge of his nose, the sand then falls into the past, filling from the bottom of the dome. Infinity is then found 90° out of phase with time, found on either side as it surrounds his eyes an is found intersecting at the siphon's point. The sands of time are running out. Which direction will humanity take?


    Comedy is the realm of great wisdom is seen in his lines. The question: Are we to be, or not to be? Do we go the way of gross ignorance to death? There on his right forehead you will find wisdom lines are smudged.


    The mask of Tragedy is found above the right brow, sandwiched between the smudged wisdom lines. Tragedy lays facing up and the chin is closest to the top of the Bard's nose. It's actually a double masked system, one superimposed over the other. You will see two sets of eyes, chin and lips.

    A concussion effect of a nuclear blast, the last instant of consciousness, and the realization that we didn’t have the wisdom. We desecrated the contract with the ancient of ancients and furthest of our now lost descendants. In one stroke the DNA connection with past and future is forever and irrevocably severed.

life’s comedy

    You will find the Comedy’s mask on the opposite brow. The mask’s chin is also found closest to the top of the nose, mirroring tragedy. And is made up of the hairs on his left brow.

reflections of birth

    You can see, reflecting in both eyes the reason for his great joy. He sees the mysterious Horsehead Nebula, about 1500 light years away, on the next great spiral arm of our galaxy. The gravitational embrase creates new star systems, planets, asteroids, comets. All within the womb of that molecular cloud. I submit life itself is 90° out of phase with the first three dimensions.

    Consciousness completes the base of the eternal triangle which extends into a fourth spacial hyper dimension. All of life stands 90°, perpendicular, to time, energy and gravity, into the plane of the hyperVue. This has occurred in many unimagined reaches of space, time and all possible paralell dimensions.

so spake gravity

a subliminal self portrait
penciled by michaelm


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  Trilogy 03  Gravity: the 3rd Dimension conceived & hand drawn by michaelm artist / philosopher  
Time, Energy, Gravitons and the Inflationary Universe

In an inflationary universe, a portion of the energy that makes up our experience seems to be drawn from nothing. Therefore, our universe is inflating... we seem to be getting something for nothing. But the math insists, "There's no free ride in our universe!". Then the pay back will come, at the end of the universe or time.

Gravity appears weaker than the electromagnetic, the force that stops falling objects. But the math insists that gravity should be the dominant force and falling object should break on through. The center of the earth would be the journey's end. The evidence, both mathematical and experimental, implies a certain portion of gravitons are escaping into other "unseen dimensions".

I submit the extra energy occurs as an exchange when the graviton slips into other dimensions, the act generates a wake or wave at 90°. I submit those other dimensions exist within Time. The three dimensions of Time are past, present and future. Those three dimensions also express themselves in 3 spacial dimensions but that's another thought.

I'm reasoning the graviton slips into the furthest depths of time. Past or future... it's up to the graviton. "The payback" will then come as a series of gravity waves which will distort the past and future until they ane one. That moment is the end of our universe and the genesis of the the next. We live in an hyper oscillating universe. A continuous expansion and contraction, into a string of unique universes... ad infinitum.

We in our Local group of 33 galaxies, including Andromeda, are all speeding ever faster towards something unseen... it's just over our visual horizon. But the destination has been dubed "The Great Attractor". Would that wall be made up of gravitons?

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