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the second dimension is energy
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chapter 02: Energy (all time is now)
“Once the great Netjer saw her infant Bast take her first breath, the little one instantly became two, her twin sister... Sekhmet (the root word for Segment) took her first breath which gave birth to our second dimension we call energy!”

    What a thought. The world is a different place once we comprehend this simple idea. That all of mass, all matter in the universe, is simply fossilized energy. Energy, E, is mass, M, times the speed of light, C, squared. I believe Albert privately added the letter D to the equation... D = E = mc². D is for the Divine. i.e. "God does not play dice with the universe". Which prompted Neils Boor, a founder of Quantum Mechanics, to ask... "How do you know what God thinks?".

is and is not

    The first beat in time was followed by a great pause, during which, the universe to be, fell into perspective and or aligned with it’s constituent parts for it’s own creation. Then came a second beat. Energy then expanded into the second dimension, at 90° from time, and was the begining of all we know and don’t. All of time, past, present and future, is now. It all happens now, at the speed of light. We may experience time linearly, moment to moment... beat, pause and beat again. But the reality is, the "now" is made up of "All/Time".

    If the universe exists at the beat, then does cease to exist in the pause? When at pause all is suspened. Elements then have a chance fall into place for the next beat at the nano second. The universe alternately is and at the pause is not. My Enstien self portrait pays tribute to the idea of thought itself. When we see fourth dimensionally, we will see "All/Time", past, present, and future...all in a glance.

first light

    All the energy and space of the universe, past, present and future, existed in a single point of space smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. Perfect symmetry. Then, space began the biggest and most violent expansion, not explosion, in all directions at the speed of light. Long before the stelliferous era, the era of galaxies and stars, photons or light, were set free for the first time. This first light was not from stars.

    The first photons caused the universe to be lumpy, not evenly distributed or homogenous. For the first 3,000 years or so the universe was a white hot soup of separate particles and light. Because of the extreme pressures and heat, particles were unable to embrace. Photons, however, were freely intersecting with each other at all angles, but when they intercected at 90° they created wakes of dark matter (See the michaelmTheory). These dark matter trails of dimples or warps, prepared the way for the third dimension, gravity. A structure or skeleton for gravity to then assemble asteroids, planets, stars within galaxies and galaxies within clusters, and superclusters of galaxies.

the dance with matter

    Then one day the universe cooled enough for particles to start dancing with each other, forming unions with the nuclear forces both weak and strong. Hydrogen is her most abundant and basic particle of matter. I find it interesting that Jupiter reflects the universe in that her hydrogen percentages at 99%. She is an unborn star yet she produces more radiation than she receives from the sun. A thousand earth’s could fill her volume. Her core is not made of iron, as Earth’s, but a giant ball of hydrogen metal generating a great mangnetic field. No one has ever seen hydrogen metals because it only exists deep within the great pressures of hydrogen gas planets.

the first stars

    All the particles within your body and everything you see around you, all the elements were cooked or fashioned, under extreme pressures and temperatures deep within the first stars. For hundreds of millions, our parent stars. They were fast fusing hydrogen into helium, helium into carbon, and so on. Those stars were massive compared to our star the "Sol". Their lives lasted in terms of tens of millions of years instead of billions. They burned bright, lived fast and furious, fusing carbon to oxygen.

birth of solar systems

    The largest of all the stars fused thier way to gold, lead, and finally into iron. Within ten million years of a stellar lifetime they created all the elements found in the periodic table. One day a super massive star used up her fuel and in one grand explosion of light, a super nova, shed her particles into the surrounding space.

    Oceans of H²O and other elements froze in the cold vacumm of space in the form of big dirty molecular ice balls, we call comets. A gravity wave from an exploding supernova creaated gravitational wakes or eddies deep within a molecular cloud. A solar disc formed which eventually coalesced into our star. She was born and in turn gave birth to her planetary children.
hydrogen to helium

    Our star system was finally ejected from her molecular womb like a cannon shot, into a galactic neighborhood of stars and solar systems. The earth was pummeled for 250 million years by atsteroids, which drop by drop, brought with them the water and organic molecules necessary for the creation of atmospheres that would make life possible. Our star is probably a second or even third generational star. She’s been giving us her energy for around 4.5 billion years.

    Physics tells us she will burn for another 5 billion years. However, she can only support life here on Earth for only another 500,000 years. Her fuel source is destined to change from hydrogen to helium. She will heat up 10% every billion years and she will swell until the planets Mercury, Venus and maybe even Earth are engulfed. Our oceans will boil away and our mother Earth will become a hot barren rock as the orange giant star fills her sky from horizon to horizon.

pilgrimages to the stars

    Mars may be better suited for life for a while, but our species worships a yellow/white star. So we must begin our trek to find and pay pilgrimages to other mediocre yellow/white star systems. Our solar Goddess sun and mother earth are nudging us to evolve out of the cradle before her incubator cools and begins the spreading of her fused materials into the surrounding space for rebirth.

skip to the stars

    I carry an inherent believe that our species represents our star’s last and very best hope for spreading her seeds into distant dark corners of the universe. She will allow humanity the chance to skip to the stars via my Time/Space portal. The sooner we come to realize our collective responsibilities and assume our place in the local stellar community and in the galactic neighborhoods the happier our Sol will be. The only thing in our way of pleasing our great Goddess is us.

    We must first contain and eliminate the destructive and murderous viruse we call greed. It is our worst legacy and must be eliminated or we will perish, literally, with all our eggs in one basket. If we do achieve that revolution in our evolution and unite one another with the goal of exploration and spreading Earth’s seeds in our wake, then I submit we will make the jump to other star systems and it can be done with today’s technology.

explorers welcome

    We don’t want Conquestordors, rather open hearted and minded explorers, who would be happy to have a few high schools named in their honor. In later chapters we will explore new energy sources that will make it possible for the exploration of the cosmos, climaxed with the publication of the schematic for the M warp drive.

all in a glance

    Einstein mathematically described the bending of light by a huge gravity well as "Gravitational Lensing." Decades later his theorem was verified by astronomers when their telescopes resolved the huge arcs of star light around a few galaxies, similar to light diffracted by the bottom of glass. Some times light from a star was divided into 2 and in a few instances into 4 separate points of light, by an intervening galaxy.

    Until recently, gravity was the only thing that could bend light, that is until the day consciousness invented fiber optics. Now we can bend it at will. We posses the ability to make a quantum leap in thought and that thought will eventually become reality.

the spark in his eyes

    One thing more... notice the spark in his eyes? His initials and famous equation are encoded there. Left is A and right is E. In the iris of both eyes on the right you will find the Greek letter E. It’s also the letter M. Find the equal sign centered under the M at the iris’s right edge. Above and below the equal sign are two Cs. Now, the acts of the light hitting your eyes and the processing of that information within your electro/chemical brain, is what squares it.

in one nano second

    "The shortest unit of time is a nano second. A unit of time representing .000000001 (10-9) or 1 billionth of a second. If light travels 186,282 plus miles per second (about 8 times around the earth in one second)...then, in one nano second, the light will have only traveled eleven inches or so". Dr. Carl Segan, Cosmos

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