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A michaelm subliminal self portrait trylogy, in pencil: find the ImageStory®
  Trilogy 02  Energy: the 2nd Dimension conceived & hand drawn by michaelm artist / philosopher  
Time, dimension one, actually consists of three dimensions. Past, present and future. Each represented as a point in Time/Space. A temporal triangle with two sides at 45° to the base. To achieve the next higher dimension one must multiply Time by a factor of two.

    This self portrait of the Albert Einstein within me is a tribute to the comprehension of the idea that energy is a consequence of time, D1 x 2 = D². Dimension 1 times 2 equals Dimension 2. Energy is 90° out of phase with time... expressed as a mirror of time.


spacerThe crescent on the sweater represents time as a symptom. The phases of the moon, a solar eclipse, any occultation. 90° from "All Time" equals dimension two. Each successively higher dimension then is always multiplied by two and is positioned exactly at 90° or perpendicular to the previous.


The first fold on the shirt, just under my right collar, reveals the Neanderthal Mask. Although commonly known as a brutal lot, they were actually an extremely sensitive, and most probably, a spiritually artistic species.

    As far as we know, they were the first to bury the dead. Later, they exhumed the bones, gingerly painted them, and very meticulously and lovingly reburied them, in fetal positions, surrounded by a few possessions. A tradition the society of Kemet, ancient Egypt, perfected for the ages.

The record isn’t clear but it’s widely thought the Neanderthal was forced off of the land by their Cro-Magnon contemporaries and were pushed into mountainous regions, where they were isolated and finally genetically disappeared.

    It is thought Homo Sapiens are a branch of the Cro-Magnon species. Yet, I tend to see the two species as sexually compatible. I submit they interbred. Paving the way for a new and vital species and genes capable of comprehending higher forms of art and dimensional concepts.

Find two of Vincent Van Gogh’s Crows. They appear in profile eyeing each other, and are found in the dark area below both collars. Then the two become one. Now flying simultaneously towards and away from you. They remind us all that time really flys.


We’ve caught him in the Eureka moment, an instant of clarity where an eternity can be spent, all within a nano second. He discovers the visualization of the third eye and points unconsciously towards it. The great Sun Goddess of Kemet... Aset, can be seen in the dance of Ra, light... the universal semen, joins with seed within the cosmic womb and gives birth to life.

The Mask of Aset rests on his forehead. The paths of two photons intersect at ninety degrees on her nose. Her eyes are above, her lips are below. Einstein’s brow bares her shoulders. Her ceremonial wings of fire and feather hug his eyes. Her fists meet her thighs at the pillars on each side of his mouth. Her legs in a bowed stance. His nose, her torso. We find Her in the act of giving birth.

The ball of his nose represent the great Kemetan twins, Bast and Sekhmet, still within the placenta, the instant before consciousness. The Mother Aset begins her dance when her nuclear fires ignite deep within and will continue until she finally sheds her precious gifts, enveloping and merging with the space and rocky planets within it’s vicinity and slowly in time becomes a brilliant white dwarf, then a brown dwarf and finally a dark ember about the size of earth.


If we are evolving anywhere I believe it is to pure thought. And I submit our "Womb Time" of evolving shapes from conception to birth actually provides the many stages of our colective evolution. Conception is a replay of the first cell that sucessfully replicated themselves in the electrified primordial soup. The step in our evolution we resemble spunges.
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the second dimension... energy

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a trilogy part 02 Albert Einstein: energy = dimension 2
© 2007 graphite on a 18˜ x 24" on poster board & digital photography

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the spark & spock

    Two more items. 1: the spark in his eyes are his initials and famous equation are encoded there. Left is A and right is E. In the iris of both eyes on the right you will find the Greek letter E. It’s also the letter M. Find the equal sign centered under the M at the iris's right edge. Above and below the equal sign are two Cs. Now, the acts of the light or photons hitting your eyes and the processing of that information to your electro/chemical brain, both literally and figuratively squares it.

    2: look for a partial portrait of the science fiction character Mr. Spock. The actor, Leonard Nimoy, sensitized me and millions of other humans to logic and sensitive reasoning. Look for his dark hair line... it begins where Albert’s hair curls at the top of his forehead. Spock’s eyebrow then dips down on the forehead on the left at forty five degrees to your right.

Gravitational lensing and humans

    Einstein mathematically described the bending of light by huge gravity wells called “Gravitational Lensing.” Decades later his theorem was verified by astronomers when their telescopes resolved the huge arcs of star light around a few galaxies. Similar to light diffracted by the bottom of a glass bottle. Some times light from a star was divided into 2 and in a few instances into 4 separate points of light, by an intervening galaxy. Until recently, gravity was the only force that could bend light, that is until the day consciousness invented fiber optics. We now bend it at will. We posses the ability to make a quantum leap in thought and that thought will eventually become reality.

Now... the 4 Dimensional... 3-D Stereo / Subliminal Albert Einstein
4DX HyperVue
© TemporalSpace 3D Art w/ Subliminal ImageStorys®
an original self portrait in pencil by michaelm artist / philosopher

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a trilogy, part 02, Albert Einstein: energy
© 1984 graphite on a 30˜ x 40" on poster board & digital photography

conceived and hand drawn by michaelm©’07

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    Then we delevelop working gills in our fish stage. We then evolve the webbed digits of an amphibian. In the next phase we develop a reptillian brain. Then the primate stage complete with tail. And finally we arrive at the forefront of evolution the human. Ready for the birthing stage and beyond.

    The transition of Birth and death begins on the bridge of the nose in act of birth. The mother’s face is upside down turned away in pain... and the child’s profile is seen rightside up facing your left.

    Death is an evolutionary leap into the next higher dimension, the fifth. What we now refer to as the spiritual realm is actually that of pure thought or pure energy.

    How we survive the "Dissipation Effect", the ability to retain oneself without the support of a vessel or body. All depends on how much humanity we were able to embed into our spirit in our alloted time.

    Children are the most likely to survive in the next higher dimension because they are humanity at our best. The only way I believe to continue on is to emulate their very best qualities.

    That foundation layed, it is now time to discover the distorted, phantom face found on his left, the portion of hair that's bathed in light. This is the face of the future... a descendant of ours who is half way between us and that final frontier. Albert’s right fingers are tomorrow’s questions.

    The answers only come with logic and sensitive reasoning found with the jesture of his left index finger. We see him deep in thought and in one moment of revelation, he is visualizing the plane of the third eye. The fourth spacial dimension. He unknowingly points to it. Your third eye is made up of intersecting photons that have struck the eyes and are bouncing away. It exits in a series of planes in front of you.

    If you have no partner, then you will find yours on the surface of a mirror. For a point of reference, smudge the surface of the mirror with your finger. Just under the reflections of your eyes. Now simply look on the surface and you will see what your subconscious has seen your entire life.

    Each of us reinvents the ancient myth of the long lost third eye every day of our lives. The all seeing eye of Horas is forever held by the Goddess Bast as is the Ankh.

    The ancients long ago realized the difficulty of illustrating a four dimensional concept using only three lines in two dimensions. It would register as a line across the eyes. But, if they understood the concept of a four dimensional conscious state, it becomes a very easy project to illustrate.

    Establish the eyes as the base of that four dimensional triangle. Then the tip on the forehead refers to the four dimensional super conscious state our sensitivity, imagination, dreams and conceptualization.

    Now take that tip and point it into the plane in front of your eyes. Imagine the shower of photons bouncing away from your eyes. Several are intersecting at many points and levels in the spaces in front of your eyes.

    Tip the triangle 90 from the forehead and you move into hyperspace. This legacy of our ancient ancestors proves they were conscious of higher dimensions and it is ours to comprehend and build upon... the origin of the "Third EYE-con."


    All the energy in the universe (past, present and future) was at one point within the space of an atom. Just as time initiated itself so began the Great Expansion, commonly called the Big Bang. Back away from the portrait to see the illustration of All Time. Past, present and future exists side by side and it all happens now... within a glance.

    Illustrating the concept that we posses the nessecary capabilities required for higher dimensional thought, sight and most importantly navigation. Now we needed the energy source... read on!

so spake energy

a subliminal self portrait
penciled by michaelm


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  Trilogy 02  Energy: the 2nd Dimension conceived & hand drawn by michaelm artist / philosopher  
Time, Energy, Gravitons and the Inflationary Universe

In an inflationary universe, a portion of the energy that makes up our experience seems to be drawn from nothing. Therefore, our universe is inflating... we seem to be getting something for nothing. But the math insists, "There's no free ride in our universe!". Then the pay back will come, at the end of the universe or time.

Gravity appears weaker than the electromagnetic, the force that stops falling objects. But the math insists that gravity should be the dominant force and falling object should break on through. The center of the earth would be the journey's end. The evidence, both mathematical and experimental, implies a certain portion of gravitons are escaping into other "unseen dimensions".

I submit the extra energy occurs as an exchange when the graviton slips into other dimensions, the act generates a wake or wave at 90°. I submit those other dimensions exist within Time. The three dimensions of Time are past, present and future. Those three dimensions also express themselves in 3 spacial dimensions but that's another thought.

I'm reasoning the graviton slips into the furthest depths of time. Past or future... it's up to the graviton. "The payback" will then come as a series of gravity waves which will distort the past and future until they ane one. That moment is the end of our universe and the genesis of the the next. We live in an hyper oscillating universe. A continuous expansion and contraction, into a string of unique universes... ad infinitum.

We in our Local group of 33 galaxies, including Andromeda, are all speeding ever faster towards something unseen... it's just over our visual horizon. But the destination has been dubed "The Great Attractor". Would that wall be made up of gravitons?

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