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A michaelm subliminal self portrait trilogy, in pencil: find the ImageStory®
  Trilogy 01  Time: the 1st Dimension conceived & hand drawn by michaelm artist / philosopher  

Transparent spacerYour subliminal journey begins with Time. As did mine. It began as a portrait, drawn two years before John Lennon’s passing. It is based on an Annie Liebovitz photo. Taken at the moment he disavowed his relationship with the Beatles in a 1971 news conference. That same year we suffered the loss one of the Doors, Jim Morrison. A later chapter.

John L. was the first "Beat L"...so, let him represent the first beat in time. On the pause after the first beat, Time revealed itself in three new dimensions. A great temporal triangle was formed in Time’s past, present and future.


You will find a word on his bottom teeth, one letter for each tooth. He speaks it. The glisten on his tongue is a caricature of John in a primal scream. See his out stretched arms? There’s a black hole where his face would be... his portrait is taken from there. He is standing on his philosophical truth. The lower lip is society’s truth. You are looking down on a tsunami, about to crash into John’s truth over the Jesus Christ statement. The two top teeth are the twin towers in Century City, where we, in Los Angeles, held our candles connecting with all humans world wide who understood the depth of our loss.

cell to phallic

The tip of his nose celebrates earth’s first successfully divided cell. All life on earth owes it’s existence to that one sacred moment in time. It is the one thread which must not be broken. Now the image becomes the face of an ancient pre-amphibian, just learning to crawl out of earth’s early oceans. The body continues, under water, up to the frame on the bridge of his nose. Life’s struggle for a higher perspective is a series of sacred acts.


The reflections on his glasses are now your focus. Left is past, right is present, when you hyperVue his eyes you will find his third eye and reveal the future. Left: the three reflections, are three of the Fab four. The biggest proto star makes a connection with the other three.

At the top of the frame you will see a musical note. It is their world. The reflections on his eye are his first wife, and first son, Julian. On the right, the connection is broken and new connections are forged in light... his second wife and second son, Sean.


The drawing as a whole represents the beat of the present. Each one of us is interacting with the present from our own unique perspective. I submit consciousness itself exits in separate parallel dimensions. The collective subconscious state is the network that glues us into one reality.

As proof I offer the example of witnesses polled by the authorities as to, say, an auto accident. It’s inevitable that each witness will have a different account of the same event. Some will have seen a green and blue car collide. Others may have seen a brown and red car.

And the interesting part is that the authorities are suspicious if all accounts are alike. They have long recognized this anomaly and account for it in all investigations because it is completely reliable.
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the first dimension... time

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a trilogy part 01 John Lennon: time = dimension 1
© 2007 michaelm graphite on a 18˜ x 24" on poster board & digital photography

NOW... the 4 Dimensional... Stereo / Subliminal John Lennon in viewer free 3-D
4DX HyperVue© 2007 michaelm TemporalSpace 3D Art w/ Subliminal ImageStorys®
an original self portrait in pencil by michaelm artist / philosopher
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a stereo / subliminal trilogy part 01 John Lennon: time = dimension 1 in viewer free 3-D
© 2007 michaelm graphite on a 18˜ x 24" on poster board & digital photography

conceived and hand drawn by michaelm©’07

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    The reflections have two shades of meanings. First: 3 proto stars lack the necessary mass to ignite their own nuclear fires. They dream of burning bright, and one in particular is so close and ready to burn but requires more mass. So they remain hidden within the womb of molecular clouds.

    A wandering proto star nearing the vicinity is just about to undergo the nuclear stage. The sudden ignition produces a Temporal/Gravity shock wave which crosses the path of the other three proto stars Effectively charging each with a tremendous amount of elements, so they too acquired the mass needed to shine and more. Dramatically affecting the gravitational lives. They fall within the gravitational attraction of each other and soon become a Quadruple or Quaternary Star System. A system of four stars that together shine brilliantly in the heavens.

    Now see them as axons, within the brain. An informational repository. The neuron, John, transmits vital information via chemical reactions. The brain is the greatest of all pharmacies.

     At any given moment it is creating hundreds of millions of electro/magnetic and chemical charges, most of which aren't yet mapped, or even begun to be understood.


    Stand away from the portrait to see two subliminal images. The first was my first conscious recognition of what our subliminal nature has in store for us. After drawing for hours, I rested in a chair and studied the half finished portrait for only the facial mask was done.

    I remember coming out of a daze and realizing I had unconsciously drawn a dove of peace, in flight, outlining the entire facial mask.

     Look at the middle of his forehead and you will find 3 marks which were real. The bottom mark is the dove's eye. Imagine, a dove flies between you and the sun. The instant the two are one you will find her silvery outline. The head and neck are found between his furled brows. The tips of the wings flair off the top of the eyebrows and follow around the glasses.

    Her body blends with his nose, the legs and feet are tucked away in the top of his nostrils. Her tail fans between the pillars of his mouth. Stare at it for a while longer and the dove will take on the shape of the peace icon...just give it a chance.

    The call letters of a non profit LA radio station, belonging to the Pacifica Group, which the Lennon Foundation contributes to this day, are etched on the glasses. They assisted me in my journey of self discovery by allowing me to view John in a way I had never seen before.

    The super conscious state is continually communicating with the conscious. It can be an avenue for two way communication. The Subliminal journey is the road map for communication with the super conscious self... eye and eye. Time leads to energy.

so spake time

a subliminal self portrait
penciled by michaelm


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  Trilogy 01  Time: the 1st Dimension conceived & hand drawn by michaelm artist / philosopher  
Time, Energy, Gravitons and the Inflationary Universe

In an inflationary universe, a portion of the energy that makes up our experience seems to be drawn from nothing. Therefore, our universe is inflating... we seem to be getting something for nothing. But the math insists, "There's no free ride in our universe!". Then the pay back will come, at the end of the universe or time.

Gravity appears weaker than the electromagnetic, the force that stops falling objects. But the math insists that gravity should be the dominant force and falling object should break on through. The center of the earth would be the journey's end. The evidence, both mathematical and experimental, implies a certain portion of gravitons are escaping into other "unseen dimensions".

I submit the extra energy occurs as an exchange when the graviton slips into other dimensions, the act generates a wake or wave at 90°. I submit those other dimensions exist within Time. The three dimensions of Time are past, present and future. Those three dimensions also express themselves in 3 spatial dimensions but that's another thought.

I'm reasoning the graviton slips into the furthest depths of time. Past or future... it's up to the graviton. "The payback" will then come as a series of gravity waves which will distort the past and future until they are one. That moment is the end of our universe and the genesis of the the next. We live in an hyper oscillating universe. A continuous expansion and contraction, into a string of unique universes... ad infinitum.

We in our Local group of 33 galaxies, including Andromeda, are all speeding ever faster towards something unseen... it's just over our visual horizon. But the destination has been dubbed "The Great Attractor". Would that wall be made up of gravitons?

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