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the first dimension is temporal
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chapter 01: Time (past, present and future)
“Before the begining, the great Netjer (the Divine) was perfect symetry. In order to become everything there is to be, the Divine required a format. A deep well, where all that will be, would gather and grow. Perfect Symetry was fractured by the birth of the first dimension, Time. "First came the beat...then the pause. The pause is more important than the beat. Because the pause defines the beat.” As the white space on this page defines each letter’s weight and shape.”
analog and virtual

    Consciousness experiences time in analog, the oneway arrow of time. But once experienced and captured within our conscious and subconscious memory, the information is then processed digitally. The example of film running through a projector from one reel onto another is a good illustration. The present is the the audio / visual sensorial experience of the film as it passes through the projector and onto the screen, presented at the speed of light and sound. The spent film is on the Past reel. The film yet to pass is on the furture reel.

    We experience the present with our senses in analog. But memory is vertural... we can jump from one point in time to another without having to rewind. The closest we can come to a fast forward is imagination also vertual. Consciouness can speculate at any point in future events and then control events into actuality.

infinity and time

    Now, the first beat in time was followed by a great pause. And in that pause, that negative time (the opposite of the beat), all that was to be, had shifted into place. And upon the stroke of the second beat, Time unfolded into three parts... a time of past, of present and of future. Then the yin / yang, the negative / positive, the one / zero, the male / female bond of the beat and the pause, are forever more locked in a great temporal embrace with the infinite.

    The dance... presents the beat in time and the infinite pause. Alternating at a present rate of one billion times a second. The beats are called nano seconds. As we rewind towards the beginning, we find time speeds up. And as we fast forward into the far future, the pulse of time will eventually slow down.


    In the begining, Time and infinity intertwine into a single string and then divides always in two. Till multitudes of cords begat music that reasonates from the micro to the macro. Elvoving into eleven segments or dimensions. All are vibrating as does a piano, violin and guitar. But one day the embrace must eventually come to an end for Time is not infinite.

    Time is like the airspace of a tunnel through the infinite mountain. The mountain is the dominent force and will eventually envelope time. Time will slow down, imperceptibly at first. The pause will have a longer duration between the beats. Until the last and final beat is played... and once again perfect symetry is all. The celebration of the great Hyper Symphony of our universe’s dimensionality of broken symetry is fused with infinity.

the written word

    My education was at the hands of nuns and priests, from the age of six through fifteen. They offered me the Jeruselum bible at seven years and I was tested through the years in preparation for my confirmation at the age of twelve. Unresolved questions led me to revisit Mathew, Mark, Luke and John a few more times into my third decade, my twenties.

    Christianism requires a baptism in the experience of reading the Word. The act of reading leads one to the truth. To entrust your everlasting future on somebody’s interpretation, verbal or written, is to place your soul in a very precarious position.

moral leaders

    Who is the true moral leader of our day? A Pat Robertson? Or Arch Bishop Desomond Tutu? Who has suffered more for their beliefs? Many of our so called great religious leaders have lead many astray. Robertson, in the early 1980s, branded Tutu a communist as did the entire republican structure including Ronald Reagan. The President of the United States was literally shamed into divesting from Apartide South Africa by world opinion and the majority of U.S. citizens.

    During our civil rights era of the 1950s the Reverend Billy Graham actually sympathized with white segregationists and quoted verses from the Old Testiment to justify their position. He later recanted his folly but the damage was done.

    There is a long tradition of those who interpret the Bible to justify war, slavery, servitude and oppression. Leading whole generations down an unrighteous path into eternity. All because people wouldn’t or couldn’t read and intrerpret for themselves.

the letter J

    Iesus is about as close as you can get to the original way of writing His name in english. In Greek it’s Iezues and literally means Son of Zues. The letter J was officially introduced into western languages and alphabet, at the publication and introduction of the King James version of the Bible.

    Before J it was I and / or Y, i.e. King Iames, Yahova, Iesus. The lower case j has the same dot above as the lower case i. John was Ion, in Gaelic it's Ian and in Scotish is Sean. That indoctrination confused and blured the truth which allowed the King of England and his heirs to usurp power and control generations by ignorance and fear for over four hundred years.

    Remember the Steven Spielberg film "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"? In the last part of the film, on his second trial, the character, Indiana, must stand on the Word of God. He said "Jahova". Confidently he steps on the section of the floor that displayed the letter J. It collapes under his weight and he almost falls through the floor into the deep abiss.

    He manages to pull himself back on the floor and as he stands he realizes where he went wrong. He says, "It’s the letter I. Iahova!" He confirms his postulation by standing on the letter I and then successfully spells the rest under foot. Then he continues on to the final test.

schooled in Kemet

    Iesus was brought up in ancient Egypt or Kemet. When King Herod ordered the deaths of all children who lived within his realm, two years and younger in the hope of extinguishing the life of the Messiah. Mary, the mother of Iesus, was visited by the angel of mercy. She was told to leave the town of Bethlehem immediately and to go live with her cousin Elizabeth in Kemet.

I firmly believe the child was raised in Alexandria where He was exposed to the idea of religious tolerance and all the knowledge of the great legendary library containing all the knowlege in the known world. The four corners of the earth intersect in Cairo.

    Few are aware that Kemet (ancient Egypt) was not olnly the first nation, but was the first nation in history to legislate maditory education. The second nation in the world to do so was the United States, five thousand years later.

Kemet to Bethlehem and back

    Iesus is known again with the scriptures at the age of twelve, when He and His parents had to return to Bethlehem, His place of birth, for the censes. During the visit both father and mother had lost track of the boy and searched for three days. They finally found him teaching the rabbis and scholars. He had amazed those who listen to His wisdom. When drilled by His parents as to His actions, He told them, "I’m doing My Father’s work".

    The family promply returned to the safety and security of the Egypt. I believe Iesus practiced His earthly father’s trade, carpentry, in the Alexandrian Library building racks and cubbords that cradled the ancient knowledge of the ages transcribed on hemp and papyrus scrolls. In return He received room and board plus the education of many lifetimes. He must have been exposed the fundamentals of his ministry there in Alexandria and held many a Q & A sessions.

millennia at peace

    Kemet was the black land of rich harvests and great knowledge for four to five thousand years or more. They sucsessfully held the peace between the thousands of different creeds and family religions which exited within her boarders again for thousands of years. By decree, all religions in each town were to celebrate in one Temple, called "Per Netcher Kemet". "The Temple of the Divine in Kemet".

    If you were say an Israeli, you would find yourself celebrating your family religion along side a Coptic Christian family, and followers of the Goddess Bast, and so on. The rational was, if we can worship together in peace, then we can live together in peace. The Great Temple respected and cared for all, and all reciprocated in turn. Tolerance, a succesful ideology of worship. To be all inclusive and not exclusive.

less than human

    When religion is exclusive it becomes easy to mentally turn a non believer into something less than human. Then it’s easier still to justify their murder. "If they can’t get to heaven then they are doomed anyway." Or worse, "They are offensive to the eye of god and the offence must be eradicated". It is impossible to think this way when your faith is inclusive. Tolerance and respect for other believes is the outcome and peace is the product.

    Something like the U.S. experience. Ideally, not always, our nation allows all to celebrate their own family religions without persecution and we respect their right to practice. The act of tolerance enables peace. Zero tolerance is totalitarianism, a dictatorship. Tolerance is democracy. You will find environmental laws only in democratic societies.

Mount Sinai

    Iesus is known again with the scriptures preparing for His ministry, at the age of thirty. We find Him on a forty day fast. I submit he spent his whole time on Mount Sinai. It was said by the Ethiopians that when one is with God he is "I and I, (Or is it Eye and Eye?)." On the fortieth day He saw and confronted the greed within, the root of all evil, and through prayer and fasting was able to exorcise it. He reach the level of purity and innocense. Only then could He be true to His ministry and destiny. Tolorance was His message.
sermon on the mount

    As I understand, the sermon on the mount is the core of christianity. The New Testiment begins. It signals the end of the old covenant and the begining of the new. After feeding the multitude bread and fish, Iesus begins with a prayer then steps into legend.

    I’m summerizing here: On this day we are celebrating the end of the old covenant and the begining of the new. The old way is over and done. You are no longer bound to the Laws of Abraham, Moses nor any of the prophets.

    Therefore, My Father will no longer speak through his prophets. Today you are set free. He now offers each one of us the precious gift of a personal relationship and eternal life. I am the light and the way. And this is the way... He then presents all of humanity the great new laws.

the eight beatitudes

    No finer guide posts for being human have been written. Matthew 5:3-10 "1. Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." "2. Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted." "3. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth." "4. Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied." "5. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy." "6. Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God." "7. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God." "8. Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

    If you are unable follow any one or all of these eight laws, then you are not a christian nor a follower of Iesus. Since the time of Constantine the Great, who had established and corrupted the Roman Catholic power base, the image of Iesus has been distorted by "the wolves in sheeps clothing", into a warrior god, a conquering god, who will exact his vengence with the sword in his right hand. From God’s Word to God’s Sword. Changing His image and misleading generations for hundreds of years that the sword justifies war and murder.

    It is impossible to justify war, when the Eight Beatitudes are in play. War is failier. The only time Iesus was unforgiving and showed zero tolarance, even out right anger, was at the table of the money changers stationed in front of the temple in Jeruselem. He knew he was signing His own death warrant when He over turned the tables bearing the weight of many coins while yelling that His father’s house has been desecrated by a den of thieves.

    He saw corruption on sacred ground and drew the line in His day as an example for ours. So why aren’t Christians more like Iesus? I believe at least 90% of those that call themselves Christian have never even bothered to sit down and read the words.

Chinese Pollution in California

    Environmental laws are either non exitstant or ignored in a totalitarian states. 40% of the smog we inhale here in southern California eminates from China. Every 30 minutes a new coal burning electrical plant goes online with no ecological filters or scrubbers. China is still stuck with a totalitarian government which affects me in Newport Beach.

Kyoto accords vs greed

    Children of the future are crying for containment of fossil fuel greenhouse gases so they too can experience the world anew. Yet the power of fossil fuel interests will not allow the Keoto Accords or any use of biomass because it will cut into their profits and destroy their power base. That kind of attitude is immoral and should be illegal because it affects the lives of so many.

    Corporate toxins defile our sacred planet and are commiting mass murder, if not genocide, on a planetary scale, for their profit. It is certainly not Christian centered thinking. All you have to do is look at the friut they bare; war, toxins, pollution of the air, water and land, killing butterflies and bees, which begats pestilance famine and disease. All of which is so unessecary.

    Planet Earth produces everything we need to secure a better future for us and our decendents. Best of all... Nature has no royalty fee. Unlike toxic corporate synthetics which come with a royalty fee. We pay more for an inferior toxic produc than we do with natural products, which are far superior.

referendum in prayer

    Christians, Moslems, Jews and people of all faiths to join together under the force of prayer and demand we harvest our fuels. The next revolution must be green. Biomass energy is non toxic, biodegradable, non polluting, recyclable and renewable. The danger for oil interests is the role of the farmer. Once they are producing the clean fuel, the farmer set the price we pay at the pump and not corporations. Oil interests are forced to abdicate power to the farmer and they are destined to become a simple delivery system... a utility.

foundation of civilization

    The farmer is the true foundation of civilization and not C.E.Os or corporations. First are the farmers, then educational professions, followed by the medical arts, the artists, and then "Mom and Pop" or small buisiness. When you spend you dollar with small business, your community becomes stronger. This simple fact of economics is something you won’t get from the news media because they would quickly loose their sponsors, the root of their main profits.

    Your dollar circulates within your community seven times longer than when you spend your dollar at a national chain or franchise. It then leaves your community that very day to the corporate headquarters, usually out of state. It literally makes dollars and cents to support local business. That’s called Free Enterprise. It made our country great.

eminent domain

    "The communistic state takes over business. In a fascist state the opposite is true... big business controls government. Mussolini said, "We shouldn’t call it Fascism. We should call it Corporatism." All politicians must publicly recognize and denounce the corporate take over of the presidency and of both houses of congress. We must have separation of State and Corporate as we do with State and Religion.

    Corporate rights have superseded civil rights since the 1870’s. Our civil war was fought on "Eminent Domain" and not slavery as we are brainwashed in history class to believe. No country in the world ever fought a civil war to end slavery. The laws were simply amended. Railroad lawyers, i.e. "Abraham Lincoln", argued for rail interests and practiced the taking of land from citizens. We still call it "Getting Railroaded".

    The south saw Mr Lincoln as a railroad corporate shill. They saw his rise to the presidency as a corporate takeover of the government and legally and constitutionally susseeded from the Union in protest. Lincoln illegally declared war on the farmers.

    The civil war was actually an excuse for the first unfriendly corporate take over in history. The southern railroad system was absorbed by northern rail corporations as did other corporate interests. Today, Dupont has been introducing toxins into our blood systems for decades, via teflon, and is immune to any and all lawsuits. Worst of all no one really serves any time for all crimes committed against humanity.

out living humans

    The corporate entity merely pays minor fines compared to the profits accumulated through their criminal acts and then are allowed to continue, in perpetuity. The corporation can out live the original board of directors with no real moral restraints. Why is it impossible to pull the corporate license away for corporate criminals?

    Politicians actively engage in restricting our ability to stop corporate wholesale destruction and theft of our environment, society and even our immune system. They introduced and passed legislation called, "Stop Frivolous Law Suits". The politicians pander for your vote and yet turn around and vote for corporate interests and against the people. You and I.

in the name of peace

    The courage it took to write, to say and to sing the words "Just Give Peace a Chance". In a time of military industrial complex profits from agent orange, napalm bombs and the colateral mass murder of millions of Vietnamese farmers and peasants. Under the guise of national secrurity, all in the name of the god they trust... corporate profit.

    John’s words of peace are as close as you can get to living the Word. They must have really feared John Lennon. He held more sway, more power, than did President Nixon. Just as Iesus tiped the tables infuriating the money changers, so John threatened the profits of corporate corruption in our time.

on the thirtieth day

    I submit John Lennon’s death was an execution. Exacted on the thirtieth day after Reagan’s election day. Interestingly by a lone gunman, who had the paper back copy of "Catcher on the Rye" stuck in his back pocket. The same scenario as Reagan’s assassin. Who by the way had a double date dinner engagement that very evening with one of the Bush brothers, Neil and his wife. Do you think his dad tried to assend the presidency a little early?

corruption of power

    Reagan became a hood ornament after that event. The Iran / Contra scandal proved to my satifaction that Reagan truely didn’t know about the affair. He was kept out of the loop by his vice president. Bush #41 has an infamous connection with CIA black ops.

    Bush #41 is the CIA as President Putin of Russia is the KGB. The CIA building in Washington D.C. is called the George Bush building. Question... which sitting president has ever had an important D.C. building name in their honor while they were not only still alive, but still firmly seated in power? Answer: only one, Bush.

    The time has come for true independence and it begins with the family farmer and free enterprise.

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