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HyperSight revealed        HyperSight revealed

the michaelM Theory a view of TimeSpace

The TimeSpace® Portal

    Albert Einstein’s wife Mileva Maric is probably the first person to see and mathematically prove “time” as another dimension. A fourth dimension. Three space dimensions, length, breadth and width, plus time, equals “SpaceTime.” This narrative is your guide into the visual and spatial aspects of Time, a hyper-space I call “TimeSpace”. Tiny photonic events reveal the “where” of TimeSpace. We can actually Hypervue1 the collective 4Dimensional or hyper-patterns in the space all around us. And are they beautiful!

    They are “portraits” in time, and have remained subconscious visuals until the late 1800s, when the phenomena was rediscovered. (There is evidence our ancestors long ago understood and worshiped these concepts, but more on that in later chapters.) Our journey will guide us into the heart of light, and with the keys of logic, imagination, a little math and art, we will unravel her 4Dimensional secrets. Revealing a 4Dimensional HyperSight which until just lately were untapped sources for virtually inexhaustible energy and gravity. Plus the “mathe-magical” Tesserect, the elusive hypercube. A strange cube with 16 points, connected by lines, and all the angles are right! 90°.

    The visual patterns we use to navigate in our 3-D reality are merely a small percentage of the exponential Hyper patterns, glimmering even within us. We will learn how to place one eye in the past, while keeping the other in the present, and watch natural shadows become 3Dimensional reflections in TimeSpace 3-D. As the frame work of the HyperTheory unfolds, you’ll begin to glimpse the full intensity and richness of interplay between light, energy, gravity, time, and consciousness.

    I caught my first conscious glimpse of TimeSpace as a child of 9. View Master slides and 3-D comic books fascinated me so much I began to draw my own anaglyphic2 pictures. I encountered only one problem, peering through the red lens for just 10 minutes bothered my eye. I needed a few minutes to regain my sight. Soon the discomfort took the fun out of it. But the magic of drawing in 3-D was strong. So, paying close attention to the muscles behind my eyes, I felt them focus on objects near and far. From shadow boxes to viewing the horizon, all to feel the 3-D most of us take for granted.

    My journey began with a no.2 pencil, paper and a tin can as a template. I drew two circles on one page, separated by about 2 inches, shading both on the right side. The right one was shaded a little more into its circular field. My 3-D experience suggested the circles should show depth, if they could be viewed together.

    Standing over the desk, I leveled my eyes over the drawing. Holding the pencil between the drawing and my face. I slowly drew it towards me. Focusing just above the pencil point, I noticed another image forming. It seemed just out of focus, for a second or two. But as my eyes converged, I could see a clear holographic like 3Dimensional image, shimmering in a space above the page. Amazed, I stared for a few seconds. I caught sight of the original circles, just out of focus, on either side of the ball and suddenly, I was looking at the page wondering where the ball had gone.

    My head was tingling from excitement. I almost couldn’t believe what I had just seen. Alarmed I might have imagined the whole thing, I retraced my steps, slowly crossing my eyes until I found it again. The “hyper-image” was so beautiful, but I had to force myself to let it go. I looked back at the page for a moment. And jumped back into hypervue

    This time I gazed at the “hyper-image” for awhile. I began to resolve inconsistencies in the shading and memorized them. Looking back at the page I shaped the circle with my index finger, and hypervued it to check my progress. But it wasn’t very long before I could hypervue and shape it simultaneously. My finger had a distinct ghostliness about it. As my peripheral sight widened, I saw two right hands. I realized then, everything in front or behind my focal point was in double vision. Suddenly, from out of the past I heard my mother’s voice calling out to me. “Don’t cross your eyes. Or they’ll get stuck!”

    I closed my eyes to think this one out. But my exhilaration over this new discovery was so overwhelming, I had to reason my way back. My continued experimentation would rest on one factor, “pain.” If I felt any, I would stop, as I did with the anagliphic method. Later in life, I uncovered a book, “Binocular Anomalies:†Diagnosis and Vision Therapy” by John R. Griffin J. David Grisham. Patients are taught to see the way I draw, as an eye exercise. The act of hypervuing actually strengthens optic muscles by forcing the iris and lens to work together and form a perfect circle, so one may at least downgrade eyeglass prescriptions for stigmatism, if not give them up entirely.

    My mother and father, orphans both, decided to parent a large family. As the eldest of the 11, my duties were numerous. Diaper duty lasted 13 years, for nine siblings. Although, I now consider it a fortunate bit of circumstance, for I gradually began to noticed each of them go through a stage, just after birth, lasting about 4 weeks. It ’s something that could have just gone unoticed, were it not for the replays in a condenced time span. About the fifth child I realized they could see, but only in double vision. They hadn’t yet learned to see in terms of depth cues. Seeing either beyond or before, but rarely at an object. Once in a while they would catch sight of their baby bottle. They would smile in recognition, but lose sight of it, in their excitement. But by the end of their first month, they had learned to “see” the alternate universe using depth cues. I knew that magical time was over when I glanced their great big toothless smile, as they finally looked right at me for the very first time.We were born to hypervue. Itís a natural next evolutionary step to exercise our HyperSight. In fact you exercise a portion of TimeSpace simply by imagining.

    When in deep thought, your eyes relax and naturally go into a hypervue mode. It’s that instant in time when the imagination can be seen at work. For instance, catch someone in a daydream, notice their eyes, and compare them to one who is hypervuing, the similarities are striking.

    I once thought the HyperImage was merely an optical illusion, until I began my third year of the shaman’s journey. Marilyn’s spirit reintroduced me to the concept of the elusive hypercube. A stereo conscious being can actually “see” a cross section of a 4Dimensional hypercube.

    I soon understood I had actually realized the long lost third eye. We stereo scopic creatures project our third eye into a plethera of 4Dimensional depth cues. But the best view is at 180° You will find your third eye on any reflective serface. For example, stand in front of your bathroom mirror and ignore your reflection for it is the illusion. Instead, look on the surface, and notice your eyes. Please find three of them, all lined up in a row. The center image is the true reflection of your 4Dimensional third eye. Now try it with a friend. Stand two feet in front of each other and level both your eyes. You will see their third eye and they will see yours.

    Once your well adpted to the hypervue process, try to experience the various levels by tilting your head at different attitudes. Moving towards or away from the surface. Now the ancients couldn’t draw that idea in two dimensions without it appearing as a line across the eyes. So they placed a triangle on the forehead and placed the the long lost eye inside. But in reality it projects into the fourth dimemsion in the shape of a triangle. We can only experience one cross section of Temporal Space, the space of time, or TimeSpace, at a time.

    One of the most significant and profound predictions of the hypervue theory is, humanity can open the portal to TimeSpace. Both star ships and time ships are now possible, all within today’s technology. This is an awesome responsibility. We now must take care, for we can now impact the entirety of creation. For not only will we affect our decedents far into the future, but our ancestors as well, far into the past. A reasoning which has kept my “vue” work quiet for over twenty years. I lost my faith in the toxic corporate structure decades ago, beginning with the lack of concern for the future, our environment, or people, except as customers, and even then in only very short linear terms. They seem to abide by the 11th rule of acquisition...“Thou shalt honor only thy bottom line to a fault.”

    The same corporations own the news media right down to the print media, which devastates our forests, and pollute our rivers with toxins, simply to sell you magazines, news papers, and more... They already own the name “Time, Inc.” Suppose it were possible to own all of time? Or at least the portal, what then? TimeSpace is sacred ground and must be treated with the greatest respect, It is our last true test. One screw-up, and it is literally for AllTime.

    Einstein passed away in my fifth year. The newspapers referred to him as the father of the atomic bomb. My mother’s words brought me into the nuclear age. I began to learn the scope of nuclear destruction, the children of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and she pointed out that those were merely Atom bombs. I learned then of the H bomb. Can you imagine how Albert must have felt when he learned his famous equation was used by the world’s toxic corporations, through governments, for mere greed, power, and profit?

    We have been and still are pawns in a twilight zone nightmare game of nuclear and biohazard chicken. TimeSpace requires a little more discretion, concern and sensitivity for time, and her delicate lace. We must simultaneously take both a quantum and an evolutionary leap. Can we check our collective greed at the door, as we step up to TimeSpace? Only you know the answer.

the four dimensional portraits

    Each chapter is hypervueable. The first three, however, Time, Energy, and Gravity, are for the third eye only. They are a trilogy from Zero Dimensions to the third. Each represent’s a training ground for your next evolutionary step into HyperSpace. So learn to hypervue the eyes of the portraits and find their third eye until you can do it with ease.

    The shading in the portraits are composed of subliminal images which pictorialize the chapter in a grand subliminal tale. Most of the 4D portraits were created on two 30" x 40" cold pressed illustration boards, using mixed media. Some were airbrushed with acrylics. As I sculpted each portrait with pencil and/or charcoal and color, I soon discovered the subliminal imagery which eventually evolved into ImageStories. I didn’t know what the chapter was about until I had finished the portraits and began the search for a deeper understanding of my subliminal state. Even then, some of the images took years to reveal themselves. Remember, most portraits were created during the “Not See”(nazi) 80s, and into the 90s. Now we stand in the Aught years. The decade we aught to have, but don’t. The Decade of Alternatives. There’s still time.

    From John Lennon in 1980, Marylin Monroe, Mother Theresa, Joseph Campbell, the Dali Lama, Jim Morrison, W Shakespeare, A Einstein, M Gandhi, B Marley, Stephen Hawking, friends and relations. Choosing those I felt would best inspirit me, In my TimeSpace discovery, for over two decades. They helped me unravel the most ancient of all tales, the great “Neter”, the ancient Tamaran Cosmic Goddess. Long before God, was Goddess. For at least 200,000 thousand years, all figurines were fashioned in the image of female. No males were carved until the patriarchal age, around 4500 BCE.

    The be all and end all, the Netter is the universe. She is unknowable to any one human mind. So the tales and legends of Goddesses and Gods are the signs which help us come to know her a just a little bit better. Much as the Saints bring us closer to the Divine by their example. Our ultimate destination is her bosom. Even the great patriarchal society of ancient Greece believed the star filled Milky Way was made from the milk of her bosom.

    One of the better aspects of hypervue is the children and quick learning curve, much quicker than we adults. And since imagination is the key, they are once again our greatest hope, on a whole new level. One day, another child will hypervue and open a door we all missed, discovering even more wondrous treasures.

“Many blessings on your journey!”

1...the use of HyperSight to view four dimensional patterns. A visual door way into hyperspace.

2...Anagliph process requires red and blue inks and gels. The red gel over one eye cancels all but the blue features. The blue gel then accentuates the red version for the other eye. The brain’s two hemispheres then translates it into 3-D.

3...Ægyptos (Egypt) is a Greek word. Officially the land was known as K.M.T. Her people, however, named her “Tamara.” It means “the beloved land.”

the michaelM Theory a view of TimeSpace

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