michaelm original pencil portrait in HyperVue 4DX TemporalSpace 3D art w/ Subliminal Messages

Thank You, mom & dad” M© ’87
A graphite & airbrushed acrylic, on ((1) 30" x 40" on cold pressed acid free illustration boards, & digital photography

I chose this arrangement from a series of photos it took of an old seltzer powder bottle. The contrasts of red and blue excited me. I thank my mother and father, orphans both, for giving my life and inherited talents. My father was a conductor at the Million Dollar Theratre in downtown L.A. from 1950-57. I spent my baby and childhood around musicians and watched my dad conduct from under a piano in the orchestra pit. We visited Hollywood night clubs and Venice Beach Dark & Tan clubs. Where the races would mix. Caucasian, African, Mexican and Asian Americans would perform poetry readings against the beat of jazz musicians and sometimes local where famous artists would paint to the music.

My mother is responsible for my multi level education. I treasure every morsel of information. Even though it came from very strict authoritarian source know as Catholic parochial school system. By my junior year in high school I was already at college level. My payback was to serve as her assistant or nanny. From the age of 3 I had learned to baby sit. By my sixth year I learned how to prepare a bottle and how to feed, how to change and recycle cloth diapers, with pins, from infancy to potty training. My mother gave birth to ten children after me. She made mistakes with her first. Which enlightened her how to treat the next. My mother was pregnant for sixteen years with brakes in between births lasting from ten to twenty four months. By the fourth child the time between shortened.

The tremendous pressures in my life found a blissful release through drawing, comic book art and by the age of eight my work graduated into the third dimension. I had learned how to hypervue. To draw in 3D without viewers or glasses. It was such an astonishing achievement. I want everyone to experience this wondrous of visions that only stereoscopic creatures can view. This ability separates humans from all other stereoscopic entities. I submit we are the first species to discover the hyper image known as the third eye. Look on the mirror. Your reflection is the illusion. Ignore it. Rather look on the surface and notice your eyes. You'll see three. The one in the middle is your third eye. Our third eye is projected out into temporal space. In reality it is a four dimensional or temporal image.

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