original hand drawn michaelm HyperVue 4DX Temporal Space Stereo/Subliminal Study
find the subliminal images: he calls to us from across the world, look to his mouth >

3D Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu” a stereo/subliminal study in 4DX hyperVue”
A graphite on a 30" x 40" cold pressed acid free illustration boards, & digital photography
copyright©1985 michaelm

Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu
A man who stands up against the mighty South African Apartheid (pronounced Apart Hate). I placed him between us and Mars (God of War). He stands as a moral leader, detouring humanity away from war and hatred to a revolutionary path of peace and balance within the cradle of humanity. For this he was hounded branded, not by his country alone, but by the Reagan Adiministration as a socialist and communist. The republican reign was humiliated by the world and by our own citizenry into sanctions and divestment from that unholy union.

Subliminal Images
Do you see the fires of chaos and pain reflecting off in the distance on his forehead? The word "HELP" is found above his upper lip. Below the lower lip you will find "US" or "U.S.". Beyond the plea, stands a temple in the lower foreground and we stand at the precipice of her gates. We seek shelter and sanctuary from the impending fray. Where we can ebrace our loved ones and sing prayers of praises and thanks for our enemies to be overcome with love and forgiveness through DIvine elightenment.

The subliminal reflections on his glasses are now revealed. You must first look to the top frame on both sets and you’ll find a streaming comet and tail. Surrcumbing to the temptation of the solar gravitational path, it swings around the sun, coming dangerously close to our precious Earth and her balance for life. The second image then balances the first, for it is found on the lower right side. You"ll see Saturn (Lord of the Rings) off in the distance. The very icon of majesty, beauty and balance.

Is’nt it wonderful to know our prayers were, for the most part, answered. And best of all, our U.S. corporate power, greed, connections and influence of oppression and economic slavery was also revealed to the world.

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