michaelm original pencil portrait in HyperVue 4DX TemporalSpace 3D art w/ Subliminal Images
find the subliminal images: his open journal rests at his collar

Charles Hastings” © ’1987 michaelm artist / philosopher
A graphite & airbrushed acrylic, on ((1) 30" x 40" on cold pressed acid free illustration board, & digital photography

Charles Cummins Hastings is my children’s great grand father on their mother’s side. His life was dedicated to the Christian ministry and the Geniology of the Hastings family tree. He dedicated fifty years of his life, visiting grave sites, researching in libraries, looking through land deeds and commerce records. His manuscript, the Hastings Family Lineage recorded it’s reach to the year1325 BCE. His original manuscript resides in the Edenburghro Library. A legacy to his family and the world.

He insist’s the family line has connections to some of the greatest people and names in history, from Alexander the Great to the builders of Stonehenge. At the slight age of six he was at death’s door due to a nasty viral outbrake in Ohio. He reports that while he lay in the fever’s pitch he saw two angels on either side at the foot of his bed. He could just make out what they were saying. He understood them to say he was to remain on this plane, that he was destined to do "great things".

At the time I created this portrait, the Voyager 1 probe was approaching the planet Uranus. The planet is known as the "odd ball planet". Long ago in the history of the solar system Uranus collided with another planet and was knocked on it’s side. The north pole faces the sun so it’s spin is similar to a wheel rather than a top spinning around the sun.

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