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chapter 06 ...Bob Marley Consciousness part 3

No man owns a pipe. It comes to him through the Goddess. She is the bowl, and he the stem. The two cannot work independently... they need each other. Pack the bowl with your favorite herbs, for they are your prayers. Now face the west to honor her and light the herbs with fire. The sacred smoke becomes your prayer offerings.

eye and eye... Jah Rasta far eye!

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Might of the Trinity
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Haile Selassie I
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Rasta Peace
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Jah Love

high stakes

    In 1914 The US Dept. of Agriculture released a study proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that hemp could save our national old growth forests. Every acre of hemp, amortized over 19 years, will save 4.1 acres of trees, taking 50-100 years to mature for paper. 10,000 acres of hemp saves 41,000 tree acres. Plus it’s acid free paper, lasts for hundreds of years and is the #1 renewable crop. It grows freely, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, from the desert to the sea. Hemp can actually push deserts back because it stops soil erosion with it’s extensive root system. As deep as 25 feet. With today’s technology we can now relieve the forests from lumber pressures. Using hemp stalks, under high pressure and heat, we can now manufacture a higher quality building materials that are both fire and termite resistant. It’s already being done in Australia.

    Now, imagine you’re DuPont’s CEO. Your company has invested in the sulfuric acid process, turning wood pulp into paper since 1883. And let’s not forget about how much money the synthetic plastique explosives, toxic paints, thinners or even nylon could make the company, if only the less expensive and higher quality natural cycle were somehow made illegal. Well, in 1938, within a few months after the infamous Marijuana tax act, DuPont proudly introduced nylon as the new “synthetic hemp.” (Emphasis on Syn) An extremely inferior product, both ecologically and in quality. Nylon’s lifetime out at sea is rated in terms of months and toxic cotton in terms of days. Cotton is so toxic, it requires 17 washings to clean out all toxins, by then it’s time to throw it out.

    Hemp ropes and sails have a three year life span out at sea, (centuries inland), and were recycled into jeans by Mr. Levi Strauss of San Francisco. His most successful jeans were the riveted multi-pocket 49er jeans. They were meant to hold gold and were so strong they wouldn't’t tear even when wet. The “rag man,” in a local community, would gather up all the all the hemp rags and were recycled into acid free fiber paper.

    By 1940 our only source for hemp was the Philippines, “Manila” hemp. But in 1942 the Japanese invaded and cut our supply. The US realized it’s error, by special executive order, rescinded the prohibition and begged the American farmer to grow hemp again. The USDA produced a film, titled “Hemp for Victory” and ordered every farmer in the west, and mid west, to watch it. After each screening they offered the farmers and any one of their children a draft deferment, only if they grew hemp.

    A Kentucky farmer once told me of the terror he felt as a child. The day he saw scores of US Paratroopers and armor in the sky, all landing on his father’s farm. “Armed to the teeth,” he said, “ they surrounded the barn, to protect the hemp seeds inside from the enemy.” The Kentucky fields back home, were hemp fields.

    Since 1991 I’ve learned of the impact that plant has had on our language alone. All books and bibles were written and printed on hemp for thousands of years, up through the 1920s. That’s why we still “leaf” through a book to find how the tale is “woven.” Legal tender, barter and trade has it’s roots in hemp, which is why our money is green. The old “Green Backs” were, both literally and figuratively backed up and made of hemp. Her fibers are the prime ingredient in most paper money around the world, except for US currency. Now it’s chiefly made of toxic cotton fibers.


    Mr. Rudolph Diesel developed his engine to run on vegetable oil. He preferred natural oils to toxic fossil oil because his engine ran smoother and longer, a far superior lubricant and cleaner burning. It’s worst emission is what you exhale, CO2. Best of all it’s renewable. Next year’s crop is reconverting the CO2 back into oxygen again. The farmer could have grown a natural, cheaper, and cleaner fuel. We can harvest a “green or living oil.” As a matter of fact, all toxic oils breaks down at 10,000 ft, so every ship that flies above that figure is using a natural based oil. Probably hemp seed oil.

    In 1914, alcohol was touted as the clean fuel of the future. Four years later the senate voted for alcohol prohibition. We suffered the loss of many farmers in WW1. Those farm boys who came home were greeted with an alcohol prohibition, and could only celebrate in speakeasies. The US government ended it’s war with the world and went to war with the farmer. Hidden behind the war against drinking alcohol stills, was the real agenda, stop them from making fuel. If you can make green oil illegal, then the only source would be toxic fossil oil, a JD Rockerfeller best case scenario. After 13 years of graft, corruption, and turf wars in the streets, the alcohol prohibition was finally ended by the vote. County after county circumvented federal law by voting for it’s use for medicinal purposes. In the early 30’s hemp was touted as the clean fuel of the future, and four years later hemp was illegal. We were again plummeted into another world war and lost more farmers and growing techniques. The Russian leader, Joseph Stalin, also destroyed agriculture for the motherland, by murdering off millions of her farmers who refused to give up the land of their ancestors. And to this day she still suffers from the generations of hard won knowledge lost because of an over active ego and those too scared to do anything to stop it.

    Even today, in America, it is illegal to make fuel. The ATF can go unannounced on any farm and check the fuel tanks. If the no. 2 red dye is missing from the diesel fuel, then the farmer is fined and or put in prison, and ultimately loose his/her land because road taxes werenÕt ’t paid. Even though the machinery never left the farmer’s property. It’s only obvious the oil corporations are the sole benefactors of these laws.

George and the cherry tree

    Once, in a history class, I learned cherry trees didn't exist on this continent until Japan gave them to us as a gift in 1912. I thought about the story of young George Washington and the cherry tree, wondering what kind of tree did the boy really cut down if the story was based in truth? I thought of it as fable for many years. After my hemp education, though, I came to realized what, George actually owned up to cutting down... his father’s favorite medicinal cannabis plant. “I cannot tell a lie,” he said. Anyone who knows what it’s like to be “stoned” also knows how difficult it is to keep up a lie. The red burning tip of a joint, or in a bowl, is called the “cherry”. His dad was really incensed at George because he had cut down and was smoking Washington’s favorite “Cherry Tree”.

    George is one of our country’s favorite pot head. He learned very young the art of growing hemp. Yes, he grew commercial hemp on his plantations, but to get the highest grade of medicinal hemp, he had to separate the females from the males, because of the pollen issue. Which is why hemp should only be grown in the mid west. One male plant can affect medicinal females within a 50 mile radius. The west coast is recognized by the world, for growing the best medicinal cannabis on earth. George dealt with the pollen issue by finding protected areas for planting. I believe he shared his, growing and harvest techniques freely with his men. Which would help explain their stead fast loyalty, even in the worst of times.

the sailor man

    One of the codes among the musicians for medical cannabis, was “spinach.” A term I later learned was a left over from the 20’s and 30’s, long before the cannabis prohibition. Jazz musicians used to ask, “Hey man, yah hold’n the green? Yah got the spinach?”. It’s been suggested by more than a few people that the original story is a metaphor.

BUY HEMP & Save the Environment

    Popeye is the natural cycle. Going back through the ages to the ancient mariners. The USS Constitution “Old Iron sides” had over 60 tons of hemp on board. The food, books, bibles, logs, maps, pennants, sails, ropes, paints, varnishes, lamp oil and sealants were all derived from hemp. Bluto, then represents the greedy toxic corporations, dependent industries and landowners. The early cartoons I noticed a had a dust cloud about his feet,(in-dust-we-try... industry?).

    Both characters try to swoon the premier oil source Olive “Oil”. Bluto begins to understand Popeye is too competative so he decides to eliminate him. He chains Popeye down, captures Olive Oil, and approaches the point of rape. But in the end Popeye manages to suck the spinach through his pipe, grows strong with hemp, breaks free and defeats the evil corporations, saving her from industrial pollution and oppression. Relieved and happy she gives herself back to the natural cycle, then Popeye smiles, winks and toots his pipe.

mars and beyond

    Dr. Carl Segan suggested in his book, Cosmos, the planet Mars could be “Terra Formed”, made earth like, within four hundred years, with today’s technology. All we need is a plant that could withstand the intense UV light Mars receives from the sun, and survive it’s, thin, CO2 atmosphere. The seeds could be dropped from ships around the polar caps. In the Martian spring thaw, the warmth and water would start the seeds to grow starting a process of converting the CO2 into Oxygen, which, in turn, would build atmospheric pressures and raise temperatures. Thereby releasing water from the frozen tundra. Continue the same procedure long enough and you will have an inhabitable world protected by oceans and an Ozone. The whole plan relys on a plant that has a natural sun block. It turns out THC protects the hemp plant from intense UV light. The more UV light, the more THC. Now imagine the harvests from mars. I submit, the importation and sales of Martian bud would finance the whole venture.

extraterrestrial connection

    Cannabis is a Greek word, though it’s root is African. West of West Somalia is a tribe called the Dogons (pronounced doe’gon). About 300 BCE, Heroditous, a Greek traveler and chronicler, found the Dogons in a year long celebration. hey pointed to the brightest star in the winter sky, and called it the “Two Dog star”, the home of the “Two Dog plant” cannabis. In Greek, Canna means K-9, or dog, and bis or bi is the number 2. Hence the Two Dog plant, they said, was brought to us by the Goddess from the Two Dog Star. The 50 year celebration was in honor of that star. They told Heroditous of the legend of the hidden star, small yet massive. They said it had an elliptical, egg shaped, orbit of 50 years. He probably spent a good deal of his time that year partying with them. When it was over, the Dogons then spent 49 years preparing for the next party.

     Two millenniums and a couple of hundred years later, near the turn of the 20th century, astronomers pointed their telescopes to Sirius, located in the Cannis Major and Cannis Minor star fields. I see Sirius as the eye of one of the two dogs. Only 6.6 light years away, well within our stellar neighborhood, they discovered a second star, a white dwarf, they labeled as Sirius B, after its huge companion Sirius A. They are a binary system locked in a gravitational dance which takes B on a 50 year long journey to reach perigee. Matching the Dogons chosen year of celebration, for thousands of years before the Greeks named Cannabis. Maybe the white dwarf burned brighter than it does today, if not, how did they know?

    Hemp is the only natural fiber on earth that twists to the left. All other natural fibers twist to the right. It belongs to the Mulberry family, yet very few plants can be genetically grafted with her and no fibrous plants. Question: does it’s DNA spiral to the left. If it does, then this would answer why it’s so resistant to genetic manipulation and one more bit of evidence the Dogons were correct about her alien origins, because almost all DNA on earth is right handed. The left handed DNA minority, is actually the oldest form of life on earth. I celebrate the Dogon’s version of reality

wonder food

    The facts are, hemp seed is the single source for all eight essential fatty acids your body needs to maintain health. Essential, meaning your body doesn’t produce them, so it is essential you bring them into your body every day. Each hemp seed is a perfect balance in the Gammas, the Omegas 3 and 6, matching your body’s daily percentage needs exactly. Think about it for a second. No other food on earth contains the “Ideal Ratio”. Biology alone suggests our ancestors were consuming hemp seeds for tens, if not hundreds of thousands of years. The truth is we have a symbiotic relationship with the two dog plant.

    I always wondered how the pioneer settlers survived on the plains, for as long as two or even three years before they saw the first yields. And they had the arduous task of preparing the land first. Well, the plant grows to lengths of up to 20 feet twisting turning into the soil. After the bacteria eats it up the land has been areated and is ready to plow. The Navajo tradition is planting sticks. Then I learned, families use to crush the hemp seed into a cake and make pancakes, bread, butter, cookies, cakes, gruel milk and much more. Remember, Oliver Twist puts his bowl out and asks for more? That bowl was filled with crushed, boiled hemp seeds. At the turn of the century they used to call a prisoner a “jail bird” because they dined on hemp seed foods and milk. If anyone were especially ornery, they received uncrushed seeds to chew on, and only water to drink. The great Buddahs would eat one hemp seed a day while on fasts.

    How is it we aren’t taught about this most basic food staple? Because hemp is illegal and therefore can't be discussed. Do you see how insipid the prohibition is? History is rewritten by not teaching important areas of our past, leaving huge blocks of information behind, who’s sole purpose is to protect toxic corporate profit. At the expense of the world’s health and therefore wealth.

    No child on earth needs to suffer or die of starvation. All we need to do is drop bomb loads of hemp seeds wherever people are hungry. Whatever doesn’t get eaten will grow, then even a child could walk up to any hemp plant anywhere on earth, and eat the seeds right off the stalk.

    The Cannabis prohibition is the one single greatest corporate and political blunder of all time. It probably is the worst crime ever committed against humanity and to all life, past, present, and future. Our grand children will eventually come to judge those who side for pohibition in favor of the corrupt synthetic side of reality, the same way we regard those who believe they have a religious mandate to kill women as witches. Even today 10,000 women are killed each year for the offence in Africa alone. Our environment has been decimated, changing our earth’s bio-balance and weather systems, so severly, there are now lakes at the north pole where there should be ice.

    Whole nations,cultures, health, resources and lives, have been lost in our blasphemous war against mother earth and her farmers. A few of those who signed the Declaration of Independence were executed by the British corporate structure as traitors. The cime was growing hemp for manufacture. An act which cut into British profits. Now we’ve come full circle. US corporations are guilty of the same crime only this time we stand at the brink. We must follow the lead of our ancestors. Obey the laws of mother nature, and let our people, our farmers, grow! The Green Revolution restores; real independence, sovereignty, and the True Spirit of ‘76!

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