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chapter 05 ...4-D Jim Morrison: consciousness

One day, long ago, Pharaoh Snafru ordered his people to build him a temple in honor of his greatness. Consisting of four walls that taper into a single point.. His builders did their measurements using only geometry. They were incorrect and wasn’t discovered until sixteen years later, and only when they saw structure rising too high in the sky. They eventually shortened top portion to end the project. Leaving their descendants a large bent tomb. Then, a monumental discovery made. A commoner, Imotep, was made a god...for discovering “Pi”, and opened the door to trigonometry. So the pharaoh ordered a new pyramid using the new math. After his passing he was buried in the deep chambers within. However, his Bent Pyramid haunts us to this day. 5000 years later, we invoke his name every time “Systems Normal get All Fouled Up”. We call it a “s.n.a.f.u.”.

to the other side

cellulose wars

    Cannabis was all around me as the son of an orchestra leader in the 1950’s. Raised in recording studios, orchestra pits, green rooms and night clubs, I inhaled her incense, along with tobacco, as my father played his sax. I watched Beatniks pass 5 finger nickel bags back and forth, between poetry readings. I, however, seemed to avoid inhaling her until my 18th year, believing somehow I might get “hooked.” Yet, by 16 I was already hooked on tobacco. By 18 I was into a pack and a half a day. In 1968 a friend offered me a joint, he called it Panama Red. Instantly I thought back to my childhood, the musicians, the poets, the smiles, and somehow it was the right thing.

    I toked for the first time and I heard Jim singing “People are Strange“,on a car radio. In retrospect, we were in a very remarkable, and a very sacred time. 1968 still reverberates within me years later. But through the next decade I rarely smoked cannabis. Only at parties, and only when offered. I continued my allegiance to the tobacco god, as my father did before me. Slaves to the tobacco industry. And then one day that year he quit. Leaving me to wrestle the tobacco god alone. After several attempts, one lasted a year and a half, before falling back.and chained to it for another 4 years. And then I quit for good in ’78 when my nicotine addiction was up to, two and a half packs a day, and reached an exorbitant 50 cents a pack. I switched in favor of Mother Cannabis. I soon found she was not only good for stress, but for pain as well. Later I found stress is the biggest killer of all. It is the root of all disease, “dis-ease.”

    I had always seen cannabis use as a religious rite, as the Rastafarians, and a civil rights issue, until August of 1990. When Jack Herer, author, sought me out after learning of my reputation as an artist, which lead to a short conversation on the phone. And he asked, “Do you smoke marijuana? ” Hypervuing Jim’s nearly finished portrait, I answered “I don’t do any artwork until I’m good and stoned.” I could hear him smile as he said “Good.” Jack arrived in my studio and immediately lit his pipe, stuffed with herb of the most wonderful of aromas, that would work the salivary glands of any connoisseur. After he took an extended inhale he passed it on to me. On his exhale he explained his predicament. Jack had written a book with a friend, Captain Ed Adair, exposing the truth about the hemp and marijuana laws and appropriately titled “The emperor wears no clothes.” The health issues were never a concern when the US senators were considering outlawing the cannabis plant in secret sessions between 1933 to '37. The laws are rooted in racism and corporate profits.

    He then went on to explain hemp’s roots in American and world history. Why wars were fought over it. How civilizations around the world, cultivated hemp for paper, fabrics, fuel, food, medicine, lamp oil and more, for thousands of years. Not only was hemp environmentally safe, but in every category she was the very best, the #1 renewable, nontoxic replacement for at least 50,000 different commercial products. The laws benefit only the toxic corporations, who continue to pollute our environment with their toxic synthetic products, which hemp used to supply organically. Far better quality and for much less, both monetarily and environmentally.

    I interrupted, “Wait a minute... how do I know all this is true.” He closed his book and proudly showed me the back cover. A $10,000 challenge to prove the book wrong. (As I write it’s now $100,000). He said, “If you can find one factual error in this book I’ll give you that figure. On the bottom half was a graph entitled... How dangerous is marijuana compared to... and it listed all the pharmaceuticals, legal and not, from caffeine to alcohol and tobacco. 1,000 people die every year from Aspirin over dose.... and the deaths went up from there. Over 27,000 legal prescription over doses. Today those over doses top 100,000 people in the US alone. But all the illegal drugs put together had only a 3,500 over dose rate. Due mainly to bad pharmaceuticals, and or the lack of safe dosage directions. The biggest killer at the top of the list was of course tobacco, claiming over 350,000 people a year. But at the bottom of the list was Marijuana. Not one person in human history has ever died by cannabis over dose. Zero. Because she’s an herb and non toxic, the very worst that would happen is you would get the munchies, and/or go to sleep.

    He caught my attention. Jack said, “Now my problem is how to convey all that information and more with the few seconds I have on the local evening news in towns I visit on the hemp tour. I get the coverage but I don’t have the graphics.“ My curiosity was peeked. After a few sketches, we concluded our business. Jack left me some buds and his book. The next three days changed my perspective of reality for ever..

    The smoke screen that made it hard to see had cleared, all at once I was saddened, and over joyed. Sad to learn how greed’s legacy still continues today. Through governments and legislation,(both incorporated states and federal, the multi national corporations are still allowed to tear families and cultures apart, as did their British predecessors. Through Draconian laws such as the seizure and forfeiture laws, people are stripped of all they own, separated and from loved ones with stiff penalties,they are thrown in jails and/or prisons for years or even decades, for the mere possession of just one of the Goddess’s seeds or over a joint. All to protect corporate toxic profits and agendas

    On the other hand, I was elated to learn hemp was our environmental savior. The very idea my grand children could grow up in a higher quality world and never know a toxic environment sent me into the next world. The joy I felt knowing our next revolution will be green. The yellow brick road is tinged in green hues, much like gold. In the newly formed 13 states, the farmers were the hero's, for their hemp crops alone supplied George Washington’s men with food, clothing, and gun powder. Thomas Jefferson actually set DuPont up in business, to supply our fledgling army and navy with gun powder. Hemp is 77% cellulose, the prime ingredient in the fire cracker, invented by the Chinese thousands of years ago. Their belief was they were sending messages and prayers to the Gods and Goddesses via cannabis. The “Ta Ma“ is a 5,000 year old Chinese

Ta Ma Chinese

“male & female plant that grow to the heavens”

2 birds (top) are circling the male & female plants, for their favorite food, hemp seeds!

character for hemp. I see the top of the logo as two birds, wing tips touching, circling the blossoming male and female cannabis plants below. The birds are scoping out the seeds.

america, cannabis and freedom

    While in France, Thomas Jefferson placed himself in harm’s way when he paid some Turkish spies to help him smuggle prized hemp seeds out of China. The Chinese had developed the very best strains of hemp for every use, paper, fabrics, food, and more. They treasured the seeds so highly, the chinese made it illegal to export, punishable by death.

    But Jefferson, by the grace of the Goddess, got them past customs, and distributed them among farmers who grew guerilla style to hide it from the British. After harvest and retting, they used Thomas Jefferson’s design of the hemp brake. Specifically made to separate the woody hurd from the fibers, quicker. Benjamin Franklin was then given the excess hemp pulp and in turn oversaw it’s conversion into paper using hydrogen peroxide and lime, as whitening agents. This relatively unknown act was responsible for freeing the American press. We never again had to justify our paper. We became independent and sovereign. All the drafts of the US Constitution were written on it. Later, President Thomas Jefferson honored hemp in a letter, suggesting hemp was the one single element which sustained America’s freedom and independence, both on land and at sea.

    All the animals, all the birds, even insects have THC receptors. Accepting nothing else but THC proteins. In fact, all entities that have eyes, have THC receptors. Ours lay just behind and above our eyes, waiting for the matching THC proteins. Lessening ocular pressure and keeping the eye moist, supple and healthy. Our bodies actually produces THC, and in some people it’s in greater amounts. They already get daily doses naturally. If you don’t produce enough, you must find a supplement. Other than our bodies, there is only one source for THC and of course it’s cannabis. The colonists would surround their crops 50ft deep with hemp. Hemp was used as an herbicide, insecticide, a fertilizer, and lure. After harvest, they made food, paper, fabrics, & fuel.

    Hemp protected the precious crops, first as a natural weed killer. It grows so fast, hemp will block sunlight from anything growing within the hemp field. Secondly, hemp seeds are offerings to the birds. All the seeds they can carry. The prairie dog, jack rabbit and such creatures found great difficulties getting through the extensive root systems. Most insects, like grasshoppers, would feast on hemp leaves, got stoned, and forgot to mate.

    Pioneer settlers were successful without pesticides or even machinery. The root systems naturally aerated the land, which made it easier to plow. After the harvest, the farmers cut and dried the stalks, for textiles rope and acid free paper. While the remaining leaves and roots were left to the bacteria, leaving nitrogen rich fertile soil in their wake and making much easier to plow. As long as you rotate your crops, leaving the land fallow (don’t grow) in the seventh year... you could grow on the same land for centuries.

    Hemp has a direct effect on the soil and weather. Imagine hundreds of hemp stalks standing two stories tall, piled in a cone standing positions, and tens of thousands of these hemp shucks on rolling fields, all evaporating under the sun’s heat, actually affecting the weather. I submit both the Great Dust Bowl, in the earlier part of the twentieth century, and the Ethiopian famine, in the latter part, were both a direct effect of the decline in hemp production and the loss of hemp growing techniques.

la coockaracha

    At the turn of the century Poncho Via and his people took 800,000 prime forest acres in Mexico from William Randolph Hearst. They successfully thwarted his efforts to grind their old growth forests into paper for his “Gringo” presses. Their victory song “La Coocaracha” is the first time the word marijuana was used. Marijuana is a Mexican-Sonoran slang word. Mary and Juan, the female and male plant...Mari...Juan...Ahhhh! It was a joke.

    But Mr. Hearst eventually got the last laugh. He used that name in his newspaper campaigns to denote a lower class of people who are addicting young white women to the poisonous wild weed smuggled in from Mexico. 75 years ago it was still illegal for a “nonwhite” to step on a white person’s shadow, you could’nt look at a white person in the eye for more than three seconds, and God forbid you were caught staring at a white woman. That was considered rape, punishable by, at least, life in prison. During the 1936 senate hearings, the first Drug Czar, working for and marrying into the Melon family, who themselves were in collusion with other corporate heads to create a cannabis/hemp prohibition for corporate profit. Harry Anslinger, was quoted. “Look at those Negroes and Mexicans. They’re stepping on our shadows, looking at us right in the eye, they’re taking our white women into jazz clubs, and they tap their feet!” He believed jazz musicians were inherently evil, because they didn't’t play the music as written. Instead they played around the notes. What can you say about this kind of racism and sheer ignorance and arrogance, except to say...“Some people’s kids!”

    The racist campaign was carried out in Hearst newspapers for decades, preparing the way. And in the process he made millions of dollars during the Great Depression, clear cutting huge vast tracks of forests. Headlining fantastic lies of marijuana causing “blood lust and gore,” while burying political misdeeds, deaths from alcohol, tobacco, and toxins leaching from DuPont paper mills, in the back pages. Even today we still refer to his tactics as “Yellow Journalism”. It refers to the high acidic content in the paper from DuPont’s sulfuric acid process, bleaching the wood pulp white. The paper could only last a couple of hours in the sunlight and oxygen before the paper turned yellow. Today“ with the advent of the ultra right take over of the media and rigged electronic voting booths Yellow Journalism” means The absence of any journalistic ethics. In other words Piss Poor Reporting

    Still, the word marijuana stuck, stigmatizing cannabis over successive generations, and as it was written out of our history books, we began to forget our heritage. The racist word, marijuana, was written into the law, by bought and paid for racist politicians, as a smoke screen to hide a corrupt American petrochemical, pharmaceutical, timber, alcohol, and tobacco corporate agendas. And still today the correct words, Cannabis Sativa6 or Hemp, as it has been called for at least 600 years, were never used. Today, the pharmaceuticals alone will stand to loose as much as 80% of their business once Cannabis Hemp is again legally grown in the United States

“Prozac doesn’t want to go up against marijuana, because Prozac will loose every time.” Bill Mahr.

6...Sativa L... Latin for...most useful.

Clean Paper

Best Textiles

Clean Fuels

Best Food

Finest Medicine

2004 Initiative
BUY HEMP & Save the Environment

Cryptomeria Sacred Korean Hemp
A Geo Korea Cultural Video QT 7.6 mb

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