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Consciousness, part 01 3D Marilyn Monroe: (light • dark matter • hyperspace)
michaelm pencil self-portrait hyperVue TemporalSpace 3D art w/ Subliminal Imagery

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© 1981 graphite on a 18˜ x 24" cold press illustration board & digital photography

Consciousness, part 01, 3D Marilyn Monroe: light • dark matter • hyperspace
an original, pencil drawning, by michaelm hyperVue Portrait with Subliminal Imagery

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when photons collide
the michaelmTheory

    You’ll find the palm of my hand within her chin. My thumb and small finger embrace the corners of her mouth. I’m holding the sacred fungus, the mushroom, and the shine on her bottom lip betray’s the white stem. Her upper lip is the underside,to the bottom of her nose, is the cap.

    The wine glass stem reaches from there to the top of her nose, and the tall glass cup is illustrated on her forehead. There’s more imagery within the glass, in her eyebrows, as in her eyes, but you must view the originals, or see the original to get the full impact. When you hypervue Marilyn’s portrait try touching her HyperImage.

    There is a point where you will poke through her face, as you find that delicate point of convergence. I can almost feel her every time. You can do it with any of my hypervue portraits, for that matter, but with her, it seems much more tender to touch her cheeks or chin.

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