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Subliminal Shakespeare "the Bard’s Sonnet"
michaelM original Pencil Portrait w/ Subliminal Messages called Gravity, the 3rd Dimension, by artist michaelM
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Subliminal Shakespeare

    Shakespeare’s chin, in this pencil drawing, represents earth. (Mach 2. Post Orpheus Collision, barren and sterile but now with a moon). The goatee begins as DNA spiral ladders and turns into seaweed. His lower lip is a wave about to bring vegetation to land. His upper lip is a landscape. The cleft is made up of an upside down. Question mark. The mark is made up of a cartoon Brontosaurus face. This pencil drawing asks what happened to the dinosaurs?

    The black area above represents a 65 million year old cataclysmic event. A comet struck just north of the Yucatan peninsula creating the gulf of Mexico and the North American delta. Out of the dust 62 million years later, on the ball of the nose of this pencil drawing you will find a skull. Lucy, an Ethiopian archaeological dig set our lineage to about 3.2 million years. She was named after a song that was playing as they uncovered her...“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

    Above each of Shakespeare’s brows lay a comedy and a tragedy masks. The right is comedy and the left tragedy. Under the eyes of this pencil drawing you will find two Shakespeare quotes, both from Hamlet. “The time is out of joint.” stage left. Stage right is the comedy...“Nay, lets go together.” The tear is of joy. One of our greatest emotions is the capacity to be so happy we cry. We will learn of his joy a little later.

    All the titles of William Shakespeare’s poems, sonnets, and plays are written on his face. The portrait is based on a line from Hamlet. Act 4, scene 4, lines 32 through 66. “Now, whether it be bestial oblivion. Or some craven scruple of thinking too precisely on the event?” Do we go the way of base sensuality, or into the realm of sensitive reasoning?

    I believe we will choose the comedy, so in celebration, you will find a pencil drawing of the Greek God Atlas on the middle of Shakespeare’s forehead. Atlas’s upper torso is complete with outstretched arms across his forehead. Find his face between and above his arms.. My pencil drawing frees Atlas from bearing the sky on his shoulders. He now represents humanity reaching out into the expanding cosmos, and the ever expanding human mind.

    You can see, reflecting in Shakespeare’s eye the reason for his great joy. Shakespeare sees the horse head nebula, where new stars are forming within the womb of that molecular cloud. New planets are forming and more life may once again flourish. Thank you, Goddess Gravity.

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Subliminal Shakespeare

    Shakespeare’s nose represents human evolution. One evolutionary development signaled our independence, the opposable thumb. At the top of Shakespeare’s nose you will find a statue of liberty, her crown is the human hand.

    Below, we stand in the now, at the crossroads of our existence. Trapped by gravity between time and infinity, both of which intersect at the bridge of Shakespeare’s nose.

    Time, the hour glass, surrounds Shakespeare’s forehead, siphons at the bridge and fills the bottom, his cheeks and chin. Infinity, in this pencil drawing, surrounds the eyes and intersects at the siphon. The sands of time are running out. Which way do we go?

    To the comedy where we show great wisdom, (drawn stage right) his wisdom lines, or do we go the way of the ignorant? (ignor & rant) The tragedy mask, above Shakespeare’s left brow, is drawn as double masks. One superimposed on the other.

    Shakespeare warns us of the concussion effect of a nuclear blast, the last instant of consciousness, and the realization we didn’t have the wisdom, we broke the DNA connection with the future.
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Subliminal Shakespeare

a trilogy part 03 Wm Shakespeare: gravity
© 1978 graphite on a 18˜ x 24" on poster board & digital photography

images and double honors

    Commissioned In 1978 by Thadius Taylor, the president of the Royal Shakespeare Society of America West, for the year of Shakespeare celebration. The international icon was Picasso’s rendering. I finished my version within two and a half weeks. Afterwards I the distinct pleaser of playing a character called the Gaoler, in America’s first production of the “Two Noble Kinsmen.” A play which had been proven to have been penned by the Bard. Produced at the Globe Playhouse, on Kings Rd, in West Hollywood, CA. The play will be included in his complete folio. I’m honored to be an original professional American cast member. Which opened to rave reviews and played to full houses through out the run.

michaelM original Pencil Portrait hyperVue TemporalSpace 3D art w/ Subliminal Messages

a trilogy, part 03, William Shakespeare 3D: Energy
© 1984 mixed media on a 30˜ x 40" on poster board & digital photography

by michaelM©’05
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