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Subliminal Albert Einstein
A pencil portrait w/ subliminal messages: Energy, the 2nd Dimension, by artist michaelM
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    The crescent on his sweater represents a symptom of time, the phases of the moon, a solar eclipse or an occultation.


    On the first fold of the shirt, between the two collars (sweater and shirt), is the mask of a Neanderthal. Although commonly known as a brutal lot, they were actually an extremely sensitive, spiritual and artistic breed.

    As far as we know, they were the first to bury their dead.Later they exhumed the bones, painted them and very meticulously and lovingly reburied them, in fetal positions. Left with the bones were some of their life’s possessions. The record isn’t clear but it’s widely believed the Neanderthal was forced off of the land by their Cro-Magnon contemporaries and pushed up into the mountains where they became isolated and finally genetically disappeared. It is believed Homo Sapiens are descendants of the Cro-Magnon. Yet, I tend to see the two species as sexually compatible. I think they interbred and both gave birth to us.

    Finally, a Crow’s profile can be found as the dark area below his collar, reminding us of how quickly time flies.


    We’ve caught him in the Eureka Moment, an instant of clarity when an eternity can be spent within a nano second. He sees the third eye and points unconsciously at it. The great Sun Goddess, Aset, can be seen in a dance to life, on his entire face. Her mask is centered on his forehead. Two photon’s paths intersect at ninety degrees on her nose. Her eyes above, her lips below. Einstein’s brow becomes her shoulders. Her ceremonial wings hug his eyes. Her fists meet her thighs at the pillars on each side of his mouth. Her legs in a bowed stance. His nose, her torso. She is in the act of giving birth.

    Einstein mathematically described the bending of light by huge gravity wells called “Gravitational Lensing.” Decades later his theorem was verified by astronomers when their telescopes resolved the huge arcs of star light around a few galaxies. Similar to light diffracted by the bottom of a glass bottle. Some times light from a star was divided into 2 and in a few instances into 4 separate points of light, by an intervening galaxy. Until recently, gravity was the only thing that could bend light, that is until the day consciousness invented fiber optics. Now we can bend it at will. We posses the ability to make a quantum leap in thought and that thought will eventually become reality.

    The bottom of his nose represent the great twins, Bast/Sekhmet, still within the placenta, just before consciousness. The Mother Aset began her dance when her nuclear fires ignited deep within and will continue until she finally sheds her precious gifts into the enveloping space and becomes a brilliant white dwarf.


    A distorted, phantom like mask, a future descendant of ours, is found on his hair, “his left”...your right. Albert’s right fingers represent tomorrow’s questions. With only the simplest of tools, a pencil or chalk and sensitive reasoning, he is discovering the third eye plane. He unconsciously points to it. The third eye exists in a space in front of you. If you have a partner stand face to face with a pencil placed between the two of you, just under your eyes. Now look just above the pencil point and you will see your partners third eye. If you have no partner, then look on the mirror. Place your hands on the mirror, thumb tip to thumb tip and index finger to index finger. Now move your head till your eyes are within the triangle. Now look on the surface and your third eye exists on the surface of the mirror. The ancients meant for your two eyes to be the base of the triangle, and the tip then points in front of your eyes into the plane of the third eye. But there’s no way to illustrate that concept in two dimensions. It reads only as a line across the eyes. That’s why I believe the ancient wise ones flipped it 90° onto the forehead and gave us the “third EYE-con.” Remember, your reflection is the illusion. Reality is truly mirrored on the surface.

the now

    Back away from the portrait and you will see time, past, present and future...all in a glance. The illustration proves we posses the capabilities required for four dimensional thought and sight.

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a trilogy part 02 Albert Einstein: energy
© 1978 graphite on a 18˜ x 24" on poster board & digital photography

the spark in his eye

    Two more items. The spark in his eyes are his initials and famous equation are encoded there. Left is A and right is E. In the iris of both eyes on the right you will find the Greek letter E. It’s also the letter M. Find the equal sign centered under the M at the iris’s right edge. Above and below the equal sign are two Cs. Now, the acts of the light hitting your eyes and the processing of that information within your electro/chemical brain, squares it. Finally, look for a partial portrait of a science fiction character who sensitized me and millions of other humans to logic and sensitive reasoning.

michaelM original Pencil Portrait 4DX HyperVue® TemporalSpace 3D art w/ Subliminal Messages

a trilogy, part 02, Albert Einstein: energy
© 1984 graphite on a 30˜ x 40" on poster board & digital photography

by michaelM©’04
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