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chapter 01 ...time

“Before the great Neter could become what she is, she needed a format. A skeletal structure where the rest could follow. She gave birth to our first dimension...all that is, cannot exist, without time’s beat. "First, the beat...then the pause. The pause is more important than the beat. Because the pause defines the beat.” As the white space on this page defines each letter’s weight and shape.”

the first dimension

    My subliminal journey began six months after his passing. The portrait is based on an Annie Liebowitz photo of John Lennon at the moment he disavowed his relationship with the Beatles at a news conference in 1971. The same year we lost one of the Doors. John was the first “Beat le”...so, let him be, the first beat in time.


    On his bottom teeth you will find a word, one letter on each tooth...he speaks it. The glisten on his tongue is a caricature of him in a primal scream. See his out stretched arms? There’s a black hole where his face would be...his portrait is taken from there. He is standing on his philosophical truth. The lower lip represents society’s truths. You are looking down on a tsunami, about to crash into John’s truth over the Jesus Christ statement. The two top teeth are the twin towers in Century City, where we, in Los Angeles, lit our candles and mourned our loss in front of the Dakota, New York.

  Cell / Amphibian / Phallic

    The tip of his nose celebrates earth’s first successfully divided cell. All life on earth owes it’s existence to that one sacred moment in time. The one thread which must not be broken. Now the image becomes the face of an ancient pre-amphibian, learning to crawl out of earth’s early oceans. The body continues, under water, up to the frame on the bridge of his nose. Life’s struggle for a higher perspective is just another in a series of sacred acts.

    Our evolution continues as the image becomes the phallus in climax. We males bring our 23 Chromosomes and she with hers. The instant one sperm touches the egg’s interior, we are conceived. Our life begins the long continual process of division from one, into two. In this moment, we find the sanctity of life and truth. The human brain has two hemispheres. One analytical, (left), and one creative, (right). They share information via that deep chasm between. This is where the magic in our 3D and 4D perceptions are transmitted and exchanged for comparison. Everything we experience within that state of balance and intersection. We have two of everything except for the heart and liver. 1 heart, but 4 chambers within, for pumping our life’s blood, and 2, the liver for cleansing. Two is our sacred number. We honor our daily rebirth cell by cell. It takes your body 7 years to replace the trillions of cells contained in the body. By the age of 7, the body is new. At 14, the body is renewed. Each seventh year (21 to 28, 35 to 42, 49 to 56, 63 to 70, 77 to 84, 91 to 98, 105 and beyond), we get to celebrate twice. One for birth, and of rebirth.


    The reflections on his glasses are now your focus. Left is past, right is present and his third eye reveals the future. Left; the three reflections, are three of the fab four. The star’s reflection connects the three. At the top of the frame you will see a musical note. It is their world. The reflection on his eye is his first wife, and first son, (Julian). On the right: the connection between them is broken and new connections are forged in light...his second wife and second son, Sean.


    The reflections have two shades of meanings. First: 3 protostars lack the mass necessary to ignite the nuclear fires. They dream of burning bright, and one in particular is so close and ready to burn but cannot. So they remain hidden within the womb of hydrogen clouds. A wandering protostar nears them and suddenly ignites producing a temporal shock wave which envelops each protostar with enough elements to so they too may shine. At first they are caught up within the gravitational wake and begin to fashion their own solar systems. Second: they are axons, within the brain. An informational repository. The neuron, John, transmits vital information via chemical reactions. The brain, the greatest of all pharmacies, at any given moment is creating hundreds of millions of electromagnetic and chemical charges, most of which aren’t yet mapped, or even begun to comprehend.

  Dove of Peace

    Stand away from the portrait, for the final subliminal image. This was my first conscious recognition of what our subliminal nature can do. After drawing for hours, I rested in a chair and studied the half finished portrait for only the facial mask was done. I remember coming out of a daze and realizing I had unconsciously drawn a dove of peace, in flight, outlining the entire facial mask.

    On middle of his forehead you will find 3 marks The bottom mark is the dove’s eye. Imagine, a dove flies between you and the sun. The instant the two are one you will find her silvery outline. The head and neck are found between his furled brows. The tips of the wings flair off the top of the eyebrows and follow around the glasses. Her body, his nose, and the tucked legs and feet are the top of his nostrils. Her tail fans between the pillars of his mouth. Stare at it for a while longer and the dove will take on the shape of the peace icon...just give it a chance.

Call letters of a Community based LA radio station, the Lennon Foundation contributes to this day, are etched on the glasses. In thanks for showing me John in a way I had never seen before.

by michaelM©’05
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